Friday, December 23rd

Sharon flashes back to Nick taking Christian from her and Dylan last night. Did that just happen? Sharon thought the visit was great. Dylan, not so much. Knock knock – the front door open, Sharon and Nikki stare at one another.

On the patio, Dylan bumps into Nick (Christian sleeping in the stroller) Thanks for bringing him over. He then follows Nick inside to offer help with Christian if Nick ever needs it. I’m always available.

Nick lists all the help he has – but thanks) Dylan thought…. Christmas Eve was a one shot deal, Nick doesn’t want to confuse Christian. The answer is no – it’s not a punishment, Nick’s just looking out for his son. Dylan exits through the patio.

Nikki and Sharon manage to be civil while discussing Christmas. No, Dylan’s not here. Nikki mentions Nick bringing Christian over – it must have seemed like a Christmas miracle. Yes, but it was hard to say goodbye again is all. Nikki’s sure Nick’s gesture will bring the brothers closer. Maybe, Sharon shrugs (causing Nikki to wonder why she’s always so negative)

At the club’s bar, Lily rants to Neil about Hilary manipulating Devon. It’s not your problem, Devon’s a grown man, Neil points out – be happy for your brother. They then discuss the foundation benefit. Reading the contract for the venue, Lily looks concerned – when was the last time you spoke to the landlord?

We’ll be chained at the hip for the next few weeks, Ravi says. Ashley’s cool with that – she can’t imagine a better partner. Ravi asks for Ashley’s cell phone number (in case of emergency) Ashley has a better idea – the executive service can reach her 24/7 even if she doesn’t have her cell phone. Jack arrives to announce that another full table has been sold for the benefit – things are really coming together.

Chatting with Theo at GC Buzz, Mariah requests a ‘tweak’ – this isn’t how I talk. After he goes revise the copy, Hilary arrives to accost Mariah – excuse me, you’re in my chair, she smirks.

I’m your boss again, Hilary announces as she takes the chair Mariah vacates. Look at this (on the website, Hilary’s listed as host and executive producer) Will your name be on the toilet paper too? Mariah quips – THAT I could get ‘behind’. Devon comes along to say this is a win-win. Mariah’s fine with not hosting. And yes, we can all move on. Mariah’s fine with being segment producer (with a nice salary)

Back at Jabot, Ashley impresses Jack with tech talk – Ravi’s a genius (who’s asked to leave the room so the Abbott’s can chat) When Jack makes fun of Ravi, Ashley sees no harm in a little crush. Jack should get back to planning his charity event.

At the club’s bar, Neil reads bad news about the owner of the venue they rented. He calls his assistant Meghan – did you go to the warehouse yet? He then updates Lily that it’s all locked up – there’s a foreclosure notice taped to the door. Oh no! Lily’s so sorry – the club’s all booked for New Years. What will Neil do? Break the bad news to Jack for starters.

At Jabot, Neil updates Jack – the perfect venue he toured last week is now locked up – the landlord bounced out of town. What now? Jack worries. Leaving, Ashley will keep her eyes and ears open. Neil and Jack at left to fret – this is New Year’s Eve – people are counting on us. Getting on the elevator, Ashley has no time for Ravi.