Friday, December 23rd

Nauseated by Hilary and Devon, Mariah convinces herself to think of the money. A comment by Theo reminds her of tripping on live TV (awakening to find Hilary smirking down at her) Hmmm – could Mariah have a plan for payback?

Nikki wonders why Victor’s still at Top of The Tower. No, she didn’t find Dylan but talked to Sharon (who ‘spouted nonsense’) Victor thinks Nick taking Christian there on Christmas Eve was a mistake. Nikki thinks it an act of compassion. Nick was trying to alleviate Dylan’s pain.

At home, Sharon ends a business call with Chelsea then deletes the text she’s composed to check on Dylan. Seconds after she goes upstairs, Dylan marches in and throws off his jacket in anger.

Neil and Jack are having no luck securing a venue for New Year’s Eve. Refusing to cancel, they continue to go down their list. We’re at N – Nancy’s Bar Room.

On her way out, Nikki’s surprised when Ashley arrives at Top of the Tower to speak to Victor. She has a proposition for him. Well, I’ll be damned, Victor’s amused.

At the park, Nick tells Christian how much he loves him – then talks about how much he misses his amazing Mother. I’m trying to be a great Dad – the only Dad you’ll ever need.

Sharon’s troubled to come downstairs and find Dylan envisioning Christian in his arms; his arms posed as if the child is in his arms.

Next: Here we are – New Year’s Eve – all dressed up and no place to go, Neil frets to Jack … You won’t regret this, Ashley shakes Victor’s hand. What’s the catch? …. The plane ticket to Miami, Chris hands an envelope over to Dylan.