Monday, December 26th

A Jabot, Jack and Neil are both striking out on their phones – they’ve got everything in place for the Foundation’s fundraiser, except a venue (thanks to the landlord being foreclosed on) We will make this happen, Jack vows.

It must be Victor’s lucky day (he’s meeting Ashley at Top of the Tower) She gives him a spiel about NE being a company with a conscience – can the Foundation host it’s benefit here? And no, Jack didn’t send her – he doesn’t even know she’s asking Victor.

Hilary ends her segment on ‘the downtown mover and shaker turned shyster’ with her usual ‘keep on Buzzin’ GC’. Devon thinks her a natural – you killed it. That’s right, she’s a natural born killer, Mariah mutters to herself.

At home, Sharon knows that Dylan’s struggling over losing Christian – don’t keep it bottled up inside. Talk to me, she implores.

Dylan doesn’t know what Sharon wants him to say. I miss him, so much. Sharon does too but maybe Nick bringing Christian over Christmas Eve is a first step. No, Dylan saw Nick at the coffee shop – he said it’s a one time deal. Christian mustn’t be confused. Getting testy, Dylan assures Sharon that he won’t ‘snap’ and slams out to work.

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Back at the station, Hilary asks Mariah to produce the New Year’s Eve show – make sure everything runs smoothly at ‘the event of the year’. Mariah’s full of smart ass remarks and shows no desire to make Hilary look good – until Devon asks. Why wouldn’t I help you? After all you’ve done for me, she smirks at Hilary.

Jack doesn’t want to let down the people who depend on the foundation. It’s NOT impossible – we must use every resource we have. Stepping into the hallway, Jack asks Ravi where Ashley is (he has no clue but very much looks forward to her return)

Ashley badgers Victor – don’t do it for Jack – do it for the people who need the Foundation; like Nikki (she had help with her addiction) OK, you can have the space – consider it Newman’s contribution to a good cause, Victor shakes Ashley’s hand. What’s the catch? she’s suspicious.

Victor’s catch? Ashley’s to rip up the eviction notice forcing Brash n Sassy out of Jabot’s office space.

Coming home to the penthouse, Hilary’s spewing ideas for the show when she notices a rack of dresses (a surprise Devon cooked up with Lauren) Oh, I’m surprised alright, Hilary does NOT look impressed.