Monday, December 26th

Paying his Mom a visit, Noah finds her trying to stay upbeat about Faith moving into the ranch. She had a great day, Noah updates. Moving onto Christian’s visit, Noah’s told that it helped Sharon but made things worse for Dylan.

At the station, Chris informs Dylan that his undercover operation is being moved up. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? It’s dangerous. Dylan flashes back to being with Christian at the park – the timing’s perfect. It’s risky, Chris warns. The riskier the better, Dylan replies.

Victor pimps his space with a spectacular view. If Jack wants it he’ll cancel the eviction notice. Vikki doesn’t want space here at NE, she wants to stay at Jabot. That space is my lab, Ashley reminds. Not if you want this venue, Victor won’t budge.

As if she didn’t just turn her nose up at the dresses, Hilary loves them ~hug~ and doesn’t feel Devon’s trying to control her. Devon’s eyes bug out as she lets her dress drop to the floor.

Sharon relays Nick’s words to Dylan – he feels pushed out of Christian’s life all over again. Noah feels for Dylan but he’s strong. He’ll come around in his own time. Sharon continues to worry.

Chris gives Dylan his new ID and burner phones. Memorize ‘Derek’s’ life and burn the paperwork. Sharon won’t know where you are or if you’re alive, Chris points out – are you sure? Yes. Dylan takes a plane ticket to Miami.

As Jack and Neil are ready to pull the plug, Ashley arrives (much to Ravi’s delight) Where is this space? Jack guesses it’s Newman Tower – go back and tell Victor ‘when hell freezes over’.

Jack’s further incensed when hearing Victor’s terms; Brash n Sassy gets to stay in the lab. Is your vendetta against Billy more important than helping people? Ashley snaps – Stop making Billy pay for sleeping with your wife. Just announce it to the world, Jack barks as he storms off.

Devon and Hilary have chosen a dress ~kiss~

Back at the station, Mariah inspects a floor mat placed over a cable. Be careful, she’s told – we’re still setting up.