Monday, December 26th

Dylan’s not all that happy to find Noah with Sharon. Noah’s not taking sides, he just wants his brother and sister put first. After Noah leaves, Dylan agrees that he’s not the enemy. Told that Dylan’s leaving on an assignment he can’t tell her about, Sharon knows he’s distracting himself from Christian. I’m doing this for us, for me – I have to, Dylan replies.

Dylan’s not ‘running away’ – and needs Sharon to be here when he gets home. He survived two tours in Afghanistan. I’ll be back to leave my socks on the floor ~hug~ Please, please don’t go, Sharon pleads. Dylan doesn’t want to waste what little time he and Sharon have ~kiss~

After bearded guy moves the mat off the cable, Mariah paces back and forth over it as she flashes back to her trip (and Hilary smirking)

Concluding that Jack’s canceling the benefit, Neil leaves Ashley to have an awkward chat with Ravi. If the benefit does take place, she’ll buy him a tux – she has a job for him (which he thinks much better than playing video games on New Year’s Eve)

Well well – Victor wondered how long it’d take Jack to come (but is surprised that he’s accepting the terms of the offer)

Coming down to find Dylan looking out the window into the darkness, she gives him a hug from behind.

Naked beneath a fur blanket, Hilary cuddles with Devon – this place now feels home to her. She’s pleased to now feel they share things equally. Hilary has everything she’s ever wanted ~kiss~

Back at the station, Mariah continues to go over her infamous fall (Hilary tugging the cable with her foot is what caused it, she realizes)

Victor knows Jack’s only kicking BnS out because he loathes Billy (as does Victor) But he knows big brother is rescuing little brother. New Year’s Eve might turn out to be interesting, Victor shakes Jack’s hand to seal the deal.

Next: Brash n Sassy bought a table – if Cane and I are going, so are you, Vikki orders Billy …. Who’s ready to start this auction? Hilary bellows at the crowd (who applaud in agreement) I won’t be the one taking a fall tonight, Mariah mutters on the sidelines.