Tuesday, December 27th

Riley did this part…..

Lily barks orders to caterers over the phone, making sure every detail for the Foundation Benefit party is perfect. Chelsea shows Abby the dress she’s made as her contribution to the auction. Neil, Jack and Ashley step out of the elevator dumbfounded by the outcome of the last minute party preparations. Jack sarcastically says that he owes Victor anything. Abby overhears and joins the conversation reminding Jack of the favor that Victor has provided to the Winters Abbott Foundation – a premium location free of charge, no having to refund tickets.

Nikki and Victor admire each others luxurious outfits. Nikki asks how Victoria reacted to learning that Brash & Sassy is not being evicted. Victor admits that he didn’t want her to feel offended by him stepping in, although he says that he has the utmost confidence in her abilities to solve her own problems. Victor simply saw this as an opportunity to show Victoria that he cares about her, aside from business.

Cane and Victoria finish packing up what’s left of Brash & Sassy. Billy finishes up a phone call with The Chronicle, a drama site, setting up an interview where he plans to call out Jack for his pettiness. Victoria and Cane examine him like one would to a crazy person.

Devon, all suited up, walks down the stairs of his apartment surprised to see Hilary still in her robe. Trying to perfect her script for the auction, she struggles to say specific words, making her anxious. Devon gives her a pep talk, hugging her.

Another worker at GC Buzz hands Mariah a USB containing the final script for the auction and tells her to look it over and make any final revisions, as Hilary recommends.

Abby starts to realize that today would’ve been her and Ben’s one year anniversary. Lily can see the distress on her face and goes over to help her out. Meanwhile, Jack is still frustrated over having to hold the event at Newman Tower and not being able to expand JabotGo into the Brash & Sassy lab. Ashley tries to keep his mood light, reminding him of all the good that the auction will do.

Nick shows up to Victor and Nikki’s house, complimenting their outfits. He asks about Faith, hoping she’s doing well. Nikki advises him to take it slow, earn her trust back. Faith comes down to say hi to everyone, giving her Father a hug. He’s happy when she invites him to spend New Year’s Eve with her.

…. and then I took over here. Neither Riley or I are responsible for today’s debacle.

At Top of the Tower, Lily and Abby thank Chelsea for designing the dress they plan to compete to win. They (and Neil) are alarmed to hear she’s leaving (not up to celebrating New Year’s this year)