Tuesday, December 27th

Vikki’s NOT onboard with Billy embarrassing Jack on TV – and is sure Jill wouldn’t be either. You’d be surprised, Cane mutters. Dave the security guard stuns them with an official memo – we’re not getting evicted! Not caring WHY Jack changed his mind, Cane leaves Billy and Vikki to look puzzled.

At the ranch, Faith chatters away to Nick and Chelsea (Connor in bed) She then brings out party hats and accessories.

Maybe Jill threatened to sue or Jack had a change of heart – he DOES have a heart. Billy’s already called off the camera crew off. Vikki announces that BnS bought a table at the benefit – Billy’s to join her and Cane.

Hilary’s still focused on the pronouncing difficult words. Everyone’s going to be judging me; the people who matter. Devon pours some French wine (sure it’ll help) I have complete faith that you’ll have people eating out of your hands ~kiss~

No, Mariah doesn’t need Theo to hand around and run the teleprompter – go have fun (she’s left alone at GC Buzz)

Go ahead – Billy has no desire to see Jack all smug and full of himself. Vikki leaves him to think about how he wants to start off the new year (bitter and resentful?)

Kevin and Chloe arrive at the benefit (joking about how rich everyone is) When Mariah arrives, Kevin and Chloe compliment her (before she pulls out a small gadget and quietly says she won’t be the one falling tonight)

When Neil and Jack greet the Newmans, Victor chortles at being welcomed to his own building. After Jack takes Hilary aside, Devon tells Mariah that Hilary’s nervous about the teleprompter. It’ll be fine – Mariah got it down word for word. She then runs the dialogue so Hilary can see it. Everything will run like clockwork, Devon’s sure – as he takes Hilary off for another glass of wine.

When Ravi arrives in his tux and yellow canvas shoes, Abby introduces herself – yes, she knows Ashley – she’s my Mom. He’s left to sigh, squrim and wave at Ashley across the room.

Billy shows up of course to tell Jack he’s grateful (for not being evicted) You won’t be when you … oh never mind – Jack will just sit back and watch.

Vikki gives Victor and Nikki the incredible news (then is informed, by Nikki, that Victor’s the one who changed Jack’s mind – he donated the space in exchange) Joining them, Billy’s the next to hear that it’s because of Victor, BnS is staying at Jabot.