Tuesday, December 27th

At the podium, Jack and Neil ask everyone to take their seat – welcome to the first annual Abbott Winters Foundation Benefit Gala. All give Victor hand for providing the space. Neil asks all to applaud Lily and Devon. Mrs Hilary Hamilton’s introduced. and reads from the teleprompter (introducing a video clip of the Foundation’s great work.

Back at the ranch, Nick and Chelsea have enjoyed the first movie – what’s next? Perched between them in flashing glasses, Faith doesn’t answer because she’s fallen asleep. No, Nick doesn’t want Chelsea to go get Connor and leave.

Hilary tells the crowd about the sports car donated to GC Exotic Cars that one very generous donor will be driving him. 75K is the opening bid but Cane and Billy soon have it up to 200K. Dig deep, Hilary encourages someone to beat Billy’s bid. 300K Devon chimes in. Victor? No, he wags his finger. Going once, going twice – to the most interesting man in the room. Up next – a Chelsea 2.0 original (which a model comes out in) Aside, Neil gives Devon the key – yes, it’s something Kay would have done. The dress is bid on enthusiastically – and goes to Cane (for Lily) for 15K. We’ve raised half a million! she announces. The final item of the evening is a true show stopper, Hilary claims. Mariah looks like she’s ready to act.

Cheers, Nick and Chelsea clink glasses. In 2017, Nick will find more reasons to celebrate (and drink champagne) Chelsea doesn’t make resolutions. Oh OK – she’ll try to live more in the moment. Nick likes it – especially after the year she’s had. Chelsea thanks Nick for tonight. She didn’t want to be alone ~kiss~

Hilary details the 2 week vacation at a private estate in France, On and on she goes until she reads about touring the vineyard. Be careful not to trip on one of those vines – if someone yanks it out in front of you – like I did to Mariah on live TV. All gasp. What the hell did you just do? Devon asks Mariah. It’s time you find out who your wife really is, Mariah says. All look at Hilary onstage and most uncomfortable.

Next: I’m just going to wake up Connor and go, Chelsea tells Nick – who says ‘please don’t go’ …. Hilary messed with the wrong woman, Kevin comments to Chloe… How dare you do this to me! Hilary confronts Mariah (who says payback’s a bitch, right!?)