Wednesday, December 28th

All gasp as Hilary reads off a confession to tripping Mariah on live TV. It’s time everyone knew the truth about your wife, Mariah tells Devon. Payback’s a bitch, she snarls when confronted by Hilary.

At the ranch, Nick and Chelsea detach briefly for the ‘what the hell are we doing?’ moment – then reattach (at the lips)

After Neil and Devon hustle Mariah and Hilary off for some privacy, all gossip about what they just witnessed. Lily gloats to Cane. Kevin tells Chloe that Hilary messed with the wrong woman. Jack just wants to get back to the business at hand. Aside, Hilary and Mariah duke it out (verbally) until Mariah quits and marches off. Devon’s left looking to Hilary for answers.

Wait. Stop, Chelsea gets up. Nick’s sorry – it’s good we stopped. It’s the champagne – we got caught up in the moment, they agree. Chelsea’s just going to wake up Connor and go. Please don’t, Nick implores.

On the dancefloor, Victor tells his ‘baby’ that he put in a pre-emptive bid on the trip to France. Never stop surprising me, Nikki gives him a kiss.

Mariah didn’t trip, did she? Devon asks. Hilary admits it – but it wasn’t planned, she just lost her temper. Devon lists her other lies – I bought you a penthouse, no, a building to start a new life. Hilary wants to start over. Devon thinks it evil that Hilary caused Mariah to trip. Shrugging Hilary off, he moans about her making a fool of Mariah intentionally (and a fool of him) No more though. Let him go, Neil pulls Hilary away as the elevator door closes. Across the room, Mariah feels a bit guilty (but gets unexpected support from Chloe)

Arriving with the Baldwins, Phyllis hits the bar – where her hand grazes Billy’s as she reaches for champagne. Flanked by Mariah and Chloe, Kevin tells Mike that the fireworks started early. Lily warns Hilary to stay away from her brother. Apologizing to Jack, Hilary declines a drive home and leaves. Victor appears to say that the foundation can’t save everyone (Hilary’s not worth the effort)

Faith and the boys asleep, Nick and Chelsea decide that ‘this’ won’t happen again. We came close to … Yeah. We miss Adam and Sage is all. It’s not surprising to turn to someone when lonely – but not each other. Chelsea can’t handle being hurt again and doesn’t think Nick can either.

Victor and Jack’s debate over Hilary segues to their deal. Hearing that it’s still in place, Victor says Jack and his brother can both start the new year with a clean slate (thanks to me)

Billy’s not thrilled that Victor saved them from eviction. Vikki’s just glad Jack won’t have the satisfaction of seeing them evicted. Maybe we wouldn’t fight if we weren’t Abbotts and Newmans. Getting a call from the sitter (Johnny has a fever) Billy insists on leaving with Vikki.

Watching the pair leave, Phyllis clinks glasses with the Baldwins – some things are meant to be, some things aren’t.