Wednesday, December 28th

Ashley chats with Ravi (is that Victor Newman over there? he gapes) Do you want to meet him? Abby asks. You … you know him? Ravi’s dragged over and introduced as the best software developer in the world. If he’s that good, why isn’t he on my payroll? Victor wonders. Because he works for me, Jack comes along to boast. Nice to meet you Ravi, Victor leaves him starstruck.

Devon comes out to rip the bow off the top of the yellow Ferrari and do the same with his bowtie when he hops in. Revving the engine a few times, he peels out of the parking lot.

Mariah apologizes to Jack. It’s NOT OK. I ruined everything and you like Hilary. Jack says that the evening’s a success – we’re trending on social media. My ruining everything helped? Yes, something like that.

Catching Ravi staring across the room, Abby tells him to go for it (then again pulls him across the room) – to the wrong woman. Ravi finds himself on the dancefloor with Mariah instead of Ashley. Though they clearly have nothing in common, it doesn’t go badly.

Mike doesn’t think Lauren needs to call Fen – he’s probably ringing in the new year with a young lady, maybe two. Let her go do her Mom thing, Phyllis cuts in. Bumping into Victor and Nikki, Phyllis makes a point of telling them that Vikki left with Billy. And it’s so nice that Victor’s enabling them to continue working together.

Johnny’s wrapped in a blanket on the sofa as Billy reads him a story. Vikki pauses to watch before going up to check on Katie.

Devon? We can talk about this, Hilary comes home to find the penthouse empty – then is frustrated when his phone goes directly to voicemail.

Speeding through the snowy night, Devon turns the radio up in an attempt to block Hilary’s voice from his head. She got you again – when are you going to learn dammit!? he berates himself.

Still at the benefit, Jack gives Ashley credit for saving the event. Thanks for rescuing me. Neil adds his thanks – and is more worried about Devon than Hilary. He’s not answering his phone. Ashley thinks they’ll be OK – fights blow over quickly when you’re in love. Sometimes, Jack murmurs as he looks at Phyllis. Aside, Lauren and Phyllis are both thrilled to start the new year working together full time. Victor dances with Abby (to distract her from the crappy year she’s had)

Chelsea’s not mad at Nick and won’t risk his friendship. They share a chuckle. Yes, still friends. Chelsea heads up to fetch Connor (leaving Nick to look sad)

Vikki returns as Billy explains the moral of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf to Johnny. And as he takes him up to bed, Vikki looks captivated by Billy’s parenting skills.