Wednesday, December 28th

Lauren informs Mike that her good mood is due to him. Likewise, Nikki praises Victor for putting Abby in a good mood – then sputters something about Dylan and pouts on his shoulder. Jack gathers all; grab a drink, grab a friend – maybe a kiss. Mariah thanks Ravi for the kiss and bolts towards Kevin and Chloe. Neil and Ashley make themselves scarce when Phyllis comes to chat to Jack, and tell him that she’s leaving Jabot. Happy New Year (but he doesn’t look too happy as she leaves the party)

Faith comes down in time to find Nick all alone. Hopping into his lap, she wouldn’t miss the ball drop for anything.

Billy returns to report that Johnny’s asleep – thanks for letting me put him down. I should head out. Vikki reaches out – you don’t have to rush off. Good that we don’t have to leave Jabot. Looks like 2017 might be a good year for us. Happy New Year. They’re about to kiss when the doorbell rings. Vikki answers it – Reed! Hi Mom. He says he belongs to you, the officer asks it that’s true.

Wearing hats and funny glasses, Nick and Faith start the countdown. Chelsea’s alone at home, looking at a noisemaker she brought home (a gift from Nick) Everyone at the Tower cheer and wish one another happy New Year. Admiring the fireworks. Ravi kisses Ashley on the cheek and watches her from afar. At the penthouse, Hilary sinks to the floor in tears. Devon continues to accelerate as Hilary’s voice echoes in his head. Crash!

Next: An encore presentation of one of Nikki and Victor’s many I do’s.

My Thoughts: If I was ‘basking’ in France and had a personal chef at my disposal I’d be pretty pissed off to awaken to the aroma of croissants and cafe au lait. I’d be telling Francois to get his derriere back into the kitchen to make something more French; Crêpes Suzette, Quiche Lorriane, Soufflé or some FRENCH toast. I can spread Nutella on a croissant and over-milk my coffee all by myself. Mon Dieu! … The trip up for auction isn’t to Jamaica for all you can drink rum, it’s to France – so why are we looking at Billy and Vikki making eyes at each other and not the Ashby’s? (who were married in France) … Nikki makes it sound like she can’t possibly get a vacation to France unless they win it at the auction – like travel agents don’t exist… You’d think Nikki would have had enough of Victor surprising her… Devon may call Hilary making Mariah trip evil, but the rest of us call it what it is ‘assault’ …. Why would Lauren wear toe-crushing shoes? She can’t afford a pair that fits? … Great idea Neil, taking Mariah and Hilary away for some privacy (FIVE feet away) Is there no office at Top of the Tower? How can the incident be trending on social media? No one’s using their phone’s (which is weird in itself) Even stranger, there’s no press at this shindig. Quite a conflict of interest if Hilary hosting = no other press allowed in… “All that champagne made me kiss you Nick – now let me go wake up my son and drive off drunk into a snow storm” Chelsea just took Sharon’s ‘Crappy Mother of the Year’ award for 2016 … Oh how original; character gets mad and drives off in bad weather. No snow tires on that Ferrari I assume? No insurance? Looks like Devon’s going to owe GC Exotic Cars some of his billions. Why weren’t any of the prize donors there for PR? … Ravi’s infatuation with Ashley is ridiculous. He’s a computer genius yet hasn’t thought to Google her (or the event that’s hosted in a building with the name Newman on it?) If they wanted a socially inept geek, why get rid of Natalie? … ‘Grab a drink’, Jack tells the crowd – who are all there to raise funds for addicts. Maybe he should have specified that the bar has non-alcoholic options available.