Friday, December 30th

In Paul’s office, Chris preps Dylan… I mean ‘Derek’ – there can be no slip-ups in her case against drug kingpin and murderer Luther Fisk. ARE you ‘ready for this’? To not think about life in GC, or Sharon? Dylan vows that his personal life won’t be an issue.

At home, Mariah tries (and fails) to distract Sharon from flipping through photos online of last night’s benefit. What’s this about Hilary confessing to tripping you!? Mariah was paying Hilary back. Sharon worries about the fallout; not on Hilary, but how this might affect Mariah.

Hilary awakens on the couch, still in her dress. Devon!? Devon!? Neil arrives, worried about Devon – he’s not answering his phone. He’s FINE, Hilary snarls through the door.

A harried Vikki ends a call with the nanny, then summons Reed down to update that his Father is worried sick. JT had no idea you left town. What was Reed trying to accomplish with this stunt?? Reed thought it obvious – I want to live with you, Mom.

Reluctantly drinking his OJ, Reed whines about JT moving the family to Warsaw )Poland) listing all the reasons he doesn’t want to go. Vikki’s not thrilled when Billy waltzes in to ask Reed how’s it goin’? My life sucks right now, JT pouts.

Inside the penthouse, Neil’s told to ‘leave it alone’. No, Hilary didn’t fight with Devon all night – he didn’t come home. Neil won’t let Hilary blame Mariah (and isn’t pissed that she ruined the benefit) Hilary even blames Mariah for Devon running off. Maybe he doesn’t want to be found, Neil thinks maybe he’s been pushed too far this time. When Hilary calls it, Devon’s cracked phone is seen ringing in the snow.

Chris continues to school Dylan. Fisk will have heard of Derek by now (they’ve floated his name around) Dylan takes his untraceable gun. Kevin joins them to discuss burner phones to his secure line. They’re loaded with a voice activated recording device (less risky than wearing a wire) ‘Derek’ needs to get close to Fisk’s lieutenant, Alex Deitmer. Chris orders Dylan not to take any unnecessary risks – we don’t want you in a body bag.

Packing away very loud Christmas decorations, Mariah rants about Hilary – feeding her ego on the online comments, editing Dylan’s interview etc. That fall could have killed me – Devon needed to know what he’s married too. Sharon disapproves of Mariah stooping to Hilary’s level; what she did was cruel and dangerous but Sharon can’t give Mariah a pass.