Friday, December 30th

Vikki lists the positives of living in Warsaw. Running away isn’t like you. Maybe I AM ‘reckless and thoughtless’, Reed goes out for a walk. Vikki’s left to shake her head in frustration at Billy (who’s sat silently listening throughout)

Sharon reminds Mariah that Devon placed his trust in her. Maybe I have lost a friend and my job, Mariah concedes – but maintains that he needed to know the truth. If Mariah hadn’t edited the teleprompter, Hilary would have lied her way out of it (to Devon) But Sharon thinks the Hamilton’s may work through this and Mariah will be the only one hurt.

Hilary talks about her and Neil’s history (the boathouse) – you want me to suffer! Neil points out all Devon’s given Hilary. Yes, and it drives you and Lily crazy, Hilary knows. People gave you a second chance, Neil says. YOU got a second chance! and Hilary won’t let Neil be self-righteous with her! Neil gets back on topic – Devon’s out there; you may have lost the best thing that’s ever happened to you!

Ben rushes out to meet the gurney being wheeled into GCM. Flashback to a bloodied Devon asking for help from the first responders who rescued him.

Now changed out of her gown, Hilary’s not happy to find Neil still at her place. She’s sure everything will be fine between her and Devon – and now she has a job to get to. Good, you might need it, Neil quips. When Hilary gets a call from GCM, both run out.

Billy cares about Reed – he won’t cut him loose because their marriage didn’t work. Yes, he IS on Vikki’s side – and wonders why Vikki doesn’t want Reed to live with her. He knows what it’s like to be the ‘after thought’. Reed needs a safe place to land – and that’s here. Billy also understands that Vikki’s scared – but Reed needs his Mom. Now let’s talk about what happened between US last night.

Putting her coat on, Mariah stands firm – she had to do something. OK, but with a hug, Sharon wants her to think before retaliating nest time. As Mariah exits, Dylan arrives – he’s leaving today but can’t say where he’s going. This is how the job works. Please don’t go, Sharon repeats.

Back at GCM, Ben updates Hilary and Neil – Devon’s condition is serious – he’s in surgery to locate and fix the source of internal bleeding. We’ll have to find out why he was driving along the county highway outside Bristol at 140 mph when he’s awake. He’s alive, young, tough – we’re doing what we can. He shouldn’t have been in that car, Neil glares at Hilary (who follows Ben when he’s paged to Devon’s OR)