Friday, December 30th

Dylan will be cautious, he’s not afraid. That’s what worries Sharon. She knows that Nick bringing Christian for a visit broke Dylan’s heart all over again. I’m doing my job, making the world a little cleaner and safer – Dylan must do this. I have to.

Billy follows Vikki around to say they’d have woke the neighbours last night if Reed hadn’t interrupted. He talks about the night they stayed up at the arcade. I didn’t cheat, Vikki insists but doesn’t agree that Billy has mad skills. She can’t deny they have chemistry.

Vikki doesn’t want to go backwards (with Billy) Reed returns to apologize – he shouldn’t have taken off from DC. But, he doesn’t want to go to Poland. He wants to stay ~hug~ OK, Vikki will talk to JT. Billy smiles.

Hilary blames Neil for stopping her from going after Devon last night. That’s rich – pretend you didn’t chase him away, Neil retorts. He needs me, Hilary says and God knows I need him. He has to be OK, she sobs in Neil’s arms.

Sharon wishes Dylan could call her every so often. No contact – it’s for your own safety, she’s told. Tell Faith that I had to go to work – that I love her, Dylan will be thinking of both of them. Sharon’s in tears when Dylan puts his wedding ring in her palm – keep it safe for me. And with a kiss, he leaves. Tell me you’re coming home, Sharon pleads. Not replying, Dylan exits. In tears, Sharon yanks open the front door to watch him leave.

Next: Victor questions Vikki about Reed suddenly showing up on her doorstep – what’s going on? …. Lily snarls at Hilary – It is because of YOU that he was in that car. If he doesn’t make it through, it’s on YOU … Devon lays unconscious in a hospital bed surrounded by monitors.