Monday, January 2nd

Vikki’s surprised when Victor drops by – and grandpa gets a surprise himself. Reed?!

At GC Buzz, Mariah leaves yet another message for Devon. He’s been in an accident, she’s told by Roz. I should go, Mariah runs off (leaving Roz asking about today’s show)

Lily races into GCM to blast Hilary (standing with Neil) – he was in that car because of YOU! If he doesn’t make it, it’s on YOU!

Noah’s brought Faith to CL’s for hot chocolate and to make sure she knows that living with her grandparents can’t be permanent. Faith’s eyebrows say ‘why not’?

Sharon barges into the main house demanding to see her daughter. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do! she cuts Nikki off and storms upstairs.

Reed surprised us on New Year’s Eve, Vikki updates her Dad. Reed’s stoked. Victor’s stoked (as Nikki will be) too. ‘I promise you’. Mentioning that he’s enrolling at GC High, Reed goes off to fetch a ‘power strip’ leaving Victor to ask Vikki what’s going on.

Back at CL’s, Noah isn’t giving Faith a lecture, he’s giving her a reality check – this can’t last forever. Both your Mom and Dad are capable of raising you. And Dylan, Faith doesn’t want to hurt any of them. Noah encourages Faith to spend more time with her parents – you’re NOT responsible for their happiness, but it would mean a lot; a reminder that things haven’t changed.

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She’s not here! Why isn’t Faith home?! She’s out with Noah, Nikki informs – then is stunned by Sharon’s apology. Faith’s decision to live here must be hard but is something going on with Dylan? What have you done to my son now???

What are you even doing here? Lily again attacks Devon’s lying, scheming wife. Finger pointing isn’t helping, Neil says. Oh great, another person who blames me for everything, Hilary snarls – then wastes no time blaming Mariah (which Lily takes great exception to) Ben then comes to update that Devon’s out of surgery – but not out of danger.

Devon has internal damage and a concussion. Ben will do his best and keep them updated. While Mariah focusses on the good news, Neil follows a distraught Lily out. Mariah’s left to ask Hilary what’ll happen with today’s show. She’s sorry everything turned out like this. When Hilary again blames her, Mariah bites her tongue and leaves.

Dylan and I are fine – just wonderful, Sharon reassures Nikki (who wonders why her demeanor changed when Dylan was mentioned) He’s out of town on assignment, Sharon falters – as Noah arrives with Faith.

Victor thinks it a bit strange that Vikki didn’t tell them that Reed was here. JT’s moving to Warsaw – Reed doesn’t want to go (and Vikki can’t blame him) Victor them asks Reed to take a seat – this is a helluva surprise.