Monday, January 2nd

Announcing that Devon’s in ICU, Ben will allow visitors one at a time – starting with his wife (which leaves Neil to comfort a weepy Lily)

Taking a seat at an unconscious Devon’s bedside, Hilary apologizes through her tears. I’m so sorry.

Reed will do his best in school – but right now wants to go up and amp up his guitar. Hugging grandpa, he thanks his Mom. Nice kid, Victor’s impressed – it’s good Vikki’s reconnecting with her son. Maybe he can help out – babysit. Vikki agrees – God knows I could use all the help I can get.

Sharon’s happy to hear that Faith and Noah had fun catching up – and Faith doesn’t need her permission to come home and get some of her books. Nikki OK’s it (since homework’s been done) Next time, Noah will take Faith skating in the park. As they leave, Nikki hopes to finish their conversation soon. It’s finished, Sharon says decisively and dismissively.

At GC Buzz, Mariah agrees that they should be the ones to update the public. Fine, I’ll do it. I owe Devon that much and this shouldn’t be turned into a scandal. Why would it be a scandal? Roz wonders.

Hilary talks to an unresponsive Devon; the love of her life. It was touch and go but you pulled through of course. The last picture Hilary has in her head of Devon, he had hate in his eyes. How did we get to this place? she cries (then admitting it’s all her fault, asks Devon to open his eyes and forgive her) I can’t handle losing you. I love you so much.

At the door, Victor looks forward to Reed getting to know the family – he’ll be a great cousin to Connor and Christian. Bye Reed, he calls up – come get to know the rest of the family. Sure thing, Reed calls down. Vikki’s left to look troubled.

Now home, Sharon asks Faith what she wants to do. Faith wants to get her books. She likes being at her grandparents but doesn’t want her Mom to be sad. You know I still love you, right? Yes, and Sharon understands that Faith needs space right now. Hearing her Mom’s going to make her favourite snack, Faith runs upstairs to get her books.

Kissing Devon, Hilary comes out to tell Neil and Lily that Devon’s still unconscious. When Ben appears, Neil and Lily are allowed to go in together. Hilary’s left to snivel to Ben – Devon has to wake up. He’s lucky to have you in his life, Ben says in parting.

Mariah goes on camera (filling in for Hilary) to update that Devon’s out of surgery and receiving the best care possible. Devon’s the reason GC Buzz exists, a friend and mentor – keep him in your prayers. GC Buzz will not be airing new episodes until further notice. The cameras off, Mariah shrugs off praise – this is nothing compared to what Devon’s going through.