Tuesday, January 3rd

Ben awakens Hilary in the lounge – they’ll have a better idea of Devon’s condition once the anesthesia wears off. Cardio arrest isn’t uncommon in his situation. Perhaps you should go home and rest – shower. Hilary’s not leaving GCM without Devon.

Pulling up to park beside Billy in Jabot’s parking lot, Jack glares at him through sunglasses and walks off without speaking.

In the park, Lauren ends a business call (not good news) then thanks Phyllis for meeting her – how soon can you get the new platform up and running? That bad huh? Phyllis sighs.

Abby drops by Jabot to tease her Mom about Ravi kissing her on New Year’s Eve.

Nikki’s at the station to ask about Dylan’s assignment. What exactly did Sharon say? Paul wonders. Not much, but Nikki’s worried that Dylan’s not answering his phone. Where is he!?

You won’t be able to talk to Dylan while he’s on assignment, it’s better this way, Paul can’t tell Nikki that he’s not in danger. Dylan volunteered, she realizes (due to Sharon’s lies and losing Christian) He loves you and will come to terms – time and distance will help, Paul concludes. OK thanks for telling me – Nikki will pray until Dylan comes home.

Waiting for the elevator, Jack and Billy discuss BnS not being evicted after all. Jabot will crush BnS – and Jack will have a front row seat to watch them crash and burn. He’s sure that Billy will implode (like he always does) Sad that you’ll take Vikki and Cane down with you. Billy decides to take the stairs.

Though amused by Ravi’s crush on her, Ashley thinks she better talk to him. Abby admits to a few ‘wobbly’ moments New Year’s Eve – but she’s feeling optimistic about the future. Seeing what Hilary and Devon are going through, Abby’s ready to move on. Jack arrives to say he is too – Phyllis quit (news which astounds Ashley and Abby)

On a park bench, Lauren tells Phyllis that Fenmores Christmas sales were a disaster. It’s slipping through my fingers – but why? Complacency? What if I can’t get it back? she whines.

Fresh off his exchange with Jack, Billy finds Vikki in a bad mood too. JT basically said that Reed’s her ‘problem’ until the summer (when school lets out)

Paul’s summoned Chris to his office. Was Dylan told how dangerous Fisk is? And not to talk about his assignment?! Because it seems he talked to Sharon – who’s talked to Nikki. They don’t know details – why are you upset? Chris wonders. Paul wishes he’d briefed Dylan personally. There was no time, Chris talks of a heroin shipment on it’s way to GC. Paul also wishes he’d told Dylan he loved him (and hopes he made the right call)