Monday, January 2nd

Lily sobs over Devon – please be OK. He’s through with Hilary, tells her Dad. As she continues to gripe about Hilary, Devon twitches. Is he waking up!? Lily and Neil stand to attention.

Pleased (if not skeptical) to hear that Nikki has some sympathy for Sharon, Noah’s sure they’ll know more about Dylan’s case soon. Victor then arrives with the good news that Reed’s staying with Vikki. After Noah leaves, Nikki’s worried about Dylan. Call him, Victor suggests.

Faith brings down a board game. 2 players or 3? Is Dylan coming home soon? Hearing a phone go off, Faith finds it in a drawer – along with Dylan’s wallet and wedding ring. Doesn’t Dylan need this if he’s working? Are you and Dylan getting a divorce? she wonders.

Reed asks his Mom why she didn’t tell the family he’s there – is it OK that I’m here? Reed felt like he was in the way at Dad’s, with the new baby and all. That won’t be a problem here, Vikki reports that Katie and Johnny can’t wait to play with him.

Nikki’s disappointed to have to leave Dylan a message. Victor’s OK with Faith being at Sharon’s – she needs to see her Mom (no matter what we think of that Mom)

Taking the ring, Sharon assures she and Dylan aren’t getting a divorce – he sometimes takes it off for work. Knowing he’s doing something dangerous, Faith wants to call him. You can’t – Dylan will be gone for a while. He said he loves and will miss you. I love him too, Faith says in her Mom’s arms.

He’s waking up! Neil careens into the hallway. Ben orders everyone out as Devon convulses on the bed. He’s gonna be OK, Lily and Hilary reach for one another as they watch Ben use the paddles on Devon. Clear!!

Next: Fenmore’s is vulnerable, Jack tells Ashley – it’s time to make our move… This is my chance to show what I can do. And I get to help take my best friend’s company right to the top, Phyllis makes Lauren smile…. I’m not leaving you here alone, Hilary lays her head on Devon.

My Thoughts: Just once – and today would be the best day EVER – I’d like to hear someone say ‘take your damn boots off in my house!’ I’d love to see Sharon’s furious march interrupted as she’s forced to sit on the floor struggling to remove whatever inappropriate footwear she clip-clopped over in … Victor’s ‘stoked’? Please – could he sound any un-cooler? And why does he need to ‘promise’ that he’s stoked? He sounds a bit Trump-ish … And why would Victor say Reed will be a good cousin to Connor and Christian – why not a good brother to the siblings he’s living with; Katie and Johnny? …. If the music program’s so great at GC High, why did JT go to Walnut Grove? And am I the only one who remembers that Noah came back from Paris suddenly able to sing and play guitar? He even had a recording contract with McCall Unlimited and went to New York with his wannabe agent Devon (Noah only came back because the Mother he defends 24/7 was on one of her ‘presumed dead’ vacations) Speaking of forgetting – where the heck is Marissa? It’s like she never existed … How can Dylan possibly go under cover? Surely his photo’s been published due to one of the many news-worthy adventures he’s had (rescuing people, kidnapping a baby and whatever scandal scandal du jour is going on with the Newmans) Chris didn’t even give him time to grow a disguise beard!