Wednesday, January 4th

Lily arrives to wonder what Hilary’s doing at GCM – Devon won’t want to see you again. Hilary’s sure her husband wants her there – you have no clue what we mean to each other. On cue, Ben comes to say that Devon’s asking for Hilary. Taking a seat at his bedside, they look at one another.

Lauren kept hoping things would turn around, so she wouldn’t have to tell Mike. But now you’ll tell him, Phyllis assumes. No, Lauren doesn’t want to stress him out. Besides, everything might be OK in a week.

Beside Neil, Lily gripes to Ben – we need to see Devon; we’re his family. Neil comforts Lily – we have to respect that Devon asked to see Hilary. She doesn’t deserve him, Lily maintains. Neil just wants to focus on Devon recovering.

Holding Devon’s hand, Hilary tells him not to try talking. Are you in pain? No, Devon croaks. He knows that he wrecked a car but he doesn’t remember anything after getting ready for the benefit. He’s so grateful Hilary wasn’t in the car with him (so she wasn’t hurt)

Gloria thinks it kismet that she and Chloe will both be back working for Chelsea. She’s ready to return to her position. That position’s gone to Sharon, Chloe informs. She’s pretty, Gloria concedes – but I have more to offer. Throwing Gloria’s insults back at her, Chloe says goodbye to Kevin and ‘you’. Kevin’s left to tell Gloria to move on – go travel the work with Jeff. He left me broke, Gloria can’t even afford a bus ticket.

Phyllis is at Underground for a beer and to chat with Nick (Summer’s having a great time in Belize, even though the ATM ate her card) She reports quitting Jabot (and Jack) to work for Lauren (her BFF married to her other BFF) I can’t blow this EVER – no pressure, Phyllis drinks.

Chloe marches into the studio to drop the bomb that Gloria dumped Jeff. She’s in GC and wants her job back. My job? Sharon chimes in. Yes, your job’s safe, she’s assured. Yes, Dylan and I are OK – why does everyone keep asking that?! Sharon huffs at Chelsea.

Hilary pretends not to know why Devon left the benefit – maybe you wanted to take your new car for a spin. Devon’s so sorry he put her through this – please forgive me. Lily and Neil watch/listen from the hallway.

We were so worried about you, Lily tells Devon (who again apologizes) He’s lucky to have them – and his beautiful wife. Devon doesn’t remember the accident, Hilary cuts Lily and Neil off. I love you, Neil tells his son and leads Lily out. In the hallway, Hilary, Neil and Lily hiss at one another. Lily thinks Devon should know the truth. That I love him? You just can’t stand it, Hilary snaps.

Head in her hands, Gloria whines to Kevin (Jeff spent all their money betting and partying) I WILL pick myself up again – but I need a job; a change of scenery. I have so much to offer an employer. I’ll knock down doors, take names and start cashing paychecks again, she vows.