Wednesday, January 4th

Nick thinks Phyllis a good person, a good friend. He and Chelsea won’t blow their friendship. Yes, she’s on his mind – as friends. Yes, we had a moment, he admits. You wanted to, Phyllis suspects – maybe still do?

We both agreed that getting into bed for the wrong reasons was a bad idea, Nick confides to Phyllis that he won’t let grief lead to bad decisions. Said to the woman you had an affair with after Cassie died, Phyllis reminds. We fell in love, Nick points out. Be vigilant, loneliness can sneak up and club you over the head, Phyllis warns.

Back at the studio, Chloe and Chelsea apologize for thinking Sharon and Dylan may be having problems. He copes by focusing on work. He’s not ‘spinning out’ (like ‘last time’) Sharon will give Dylan the time he needs.

As Lauren ends a call, Gloria returns to see that she’s working from home (and asks for a job) We’re fully staffed, Lauren answers her phone and runs off (leaving Gloria to snoop on her laptop – and see a graph of plummeting sales)

Neil asks Lily to let it go – all that matters is Devon. Hilary comes out to agree – as Devon’s wife, she won’t let Lily jeopardize his recovery. Ben’s then updated that Devon’s lost his memory. He’s not surprised and concerned with WHY the accident happened – Devon ONLY needs support – understood? They understand, Neil replies (though Lily doesn’t look happy about it)

Next: How long has this been going on? Does anyone else know? Like your husband?? … Devon’s deliriously happy, Lily surprises Mariah – he has no recollection of what happened before the accident … Don’t think you’re going to get away with any of this, Neil warns Hilary.