Monday, January 9th

Lauren’s sure Hawkins is the perfect investor for Fenmores. Mike gushes about how much Lauren awes and amazes him every day ~kiss~

Nikki thinks Victor letting Faith win at chess shows he’s mellowing. Maybe a little, he agrees with a kiss.

At the tackhouse, Nick declares that their snowball fight was even (so Faith shouldn’t lob the snowball she’s brought inside) Now for some smores and games (which Nick will win – Faith shouldn’t expect mercy) After Faith throws the snowball at Nick’s back, he chases his giggling daughter around the house.

Kevin and Chloe return to their suite after massages. Let’s not talk about Gloria ~kiss~ Kevin’s eager to pick up where they left off but Chloe has another idea? Dressed like this? Wherever could they be going in towel-robes?

Beating him at checkers, Faith tells Nick that Victor let her win at chess. He said if you can master chess you can master anyone. You mean anything, right? No, Faith’s sure grandpa said ‘anyone’.

Nikki likes having Victor at home more. He’s not planning on retiring – the company’s in good shape. The kids are happy. What else is there for Victor? To enjoy life. Nikki knows Victor’s next great passion is out there. Checkmate, she’s beaten him at chess.

Kevin and Chloe kissing in the sauna is interrupted when Gloria clears her throat – and asks them to put more water on the rocks.

Getting a call from Hawkman, Lauren gets bad news – he now wants to see Fenmores books – the quarterly reports, projections. Hanging up, Lauren’s puzzled. He didn’t doubt my ability before or want to be hands on. Both wonder what changed Hawkins mind.

Next: Nick’s on the phone when Christian throws food at him from his highchair. Really man? Nick says ….. I need to speak to my husband, Sharon barges into Paul’s office to demand – right now. Paul and Chris just look at her…. In parts unknown, Dylan’s in a bathroom transforming himself into ‘Derek’.