Monday, January 9th

Finally getting Gloria to agree to stay at the club (at least for the night) Mike’s alarmed to notice she’s wearing Lauren’s earrings.

Your Mother blew this family apart, not me – Nick’s just trying to provide his son a stable life. Noah explains that Faith feels responsible for everyone’s happiness. If you and Mom can find some middle ground. Nick’s not sure he can get past what Sharon did. Not even for Faith? Noah implores.

Victor tells Faith that, as an orphan, he asked the same question – where do I fit in? You never have to worry about that ~hug~ As family we will always love and protect each other. Nikki chimes in – your parents love you. Faith doesn’t want to get in the way of her Dad learning about Christian. When Faith goes upstairs, Nikki agrees that this needs to be handled – and she knows by whom.

Noah insists that peace with Mom will help Nick be a better Father to Christian and Faith. Nick’s children are his first priority. Still carrying Christian, Nick gets a call from his Mom. Faith isn’t having a good day.

Kevin’s very, very busy, Chloe pants into Kevin’s phone (then goes back to making out in a suite at the club) When Kevin answers the next call, Mike insists it’s his turn to take Gloria as of tomorrow (which makes neither Kevin or Chloe happy)

It’s been a pleasure, Mr Hawkins leaves Lauren and is directed to the spa. Gloria comes out of hiding – her eyes indicate she has some lunatic plan.

Faith’s delighted when Nick drops by the ranch with Christian – even more delighted that she and her Dad are going skating. Victor and Nikki babysitting, it’ll be some Father/daughter time.

Kevin and Chloe pace around the suite – there’s no way Gloria can stay with them. Both slamming back a full glass of wine, they get back to making out. Knock, knock. Go away, Kevin shouts out. No don’t go – it’s massages – surprise. Kevin’s clearly disappointed.

Lauren comes home to her hero and champagne. Mike’s sorry that when Lauren confided that Fenmores was in trouble, he made it about himself. And Lauren’s sorry she didn’t tell Mike months ago. They cheers to silence (no Gloria) So? How did the meeting go? Lauren believes her problems may be a thing of the past.

Gloria joins Hawkins in the sauna – she’s had such a horrible day due to the worst customer service at Fenmores. Now interested, Hawkins would like to hear more.

Both in towels, Gloria tells Hawkins that she was invited to e benefit but didn’t go because Fenmores screwed up her dress. Both the colour and size were wrong (even after she went in to have it altered) The charity lost out on thousands because of Fenmores. No, it wasn’t a one time screw up. Her friends, long time customers aren’t going back to Fenmores either. How can they possibly stay in business?