Friday, January 13th

Coming through the club’s revolving door, Jill remarks on the press harassing Jack outside. He rants about the foundation’s reputation – Devon wasn’t even drunk when he crashed! When Jill blames his ‘little friend’, she’s left flabbergasted as Jack marches inside.

Devon’s dreams/flashes were very intense. Don’t stress, Hilary distracts with tea – perhaps Stitch released you too soon. Devon remembers driving – it’s coming back to me. Why weren’t you with me in the car?

Still at GCM, Lily worries that Hilary will manage to spin this to hang onto Devon. Cane reiterates Ben’s instructions. Yes, but the longer Devon’s with Hilary, the more Lily worries about his future.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki and Billy are acting like their first body spray for men is life or death. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – we must go all out! Spray on confidence, spray on magnetism, spray on sex appeal. Reed comes along for his phone – and to thank Billy for ‘that other thing’. What other thing? Vikki reappears from the office.

Cane suggests they go visit Devon but Lily’s not sure she can keep her mouth shut (Cane should go alone)

Seated with Jill at the club, Jack knows that Devon was fighting with Hilary but it was his bad decision to get behind the wheel. My God, you’re still on her side – why defend a woman who’s done such vicious things!? What about Hilary inspires men to forgive her? Jack thinks Jill would understand – you’re also an ambitious woman who came from nothing.

Devon remembers the speedometer reading 140 mph but not why Hilary wasn’t with him. I was working, Hilary claims they agreed to meet at home. Yes, of course we rang in the new year with a kiss. Devon doesn’t understand why he left Hilary that night. It DOES matter.

Billy claims he showed Reed how to format a bibliography. You should have come to ME, Vikki whines – I’m your parent. Reed just came for his phone. Yes, he has enough bus tokens to get home. Now alone with Billy, Vikki makes it clear that she knows he’s lying. What did Reed go to Billy for instead of her?

Hilary manages to distract Devon with thoughts of her in a nurse uniform (which she won’t put on – the patient must rest) No, she’s not dying to get to the station – nothing is more important than Devon. Ding dong – perhaps that’s the nurse. Nope – it’s Cane. He’s sleeping, Hilary steps into the hall to lie and then reluctantly lets Cane in when Devon calls out to him.

Jill will NOT show Hilary compassion and can’t believe Jack’s been seduced by Hilary (maybe even literally) Jack’s insulted – and leaves Jill ranting and raving to Lily (who’s done talking about that woman)

Back at Brash n Sassy, Billy assures Vikki that Reed’s safety is not at risk. Boys have questions they can’t ask their Moms. OK, Vikki finally relents – she just worries about Reed and his choices. He chose to live with you, Billy points out. You and JT should be proud; Reed’s a great kid.