Monday, January 16th

That seat’s reserved for Fisk, Dylan tells the giant who jumps into the passenger seat of his car. He reads the note he’s handed – why would I drive 3 and a half miles with you? The silent behemoth reveals a large gun.

Kevin’s on the phone at the station – cobra is still incommunicado. As soon as I hear from him, you’ll hear from me ~click~ Sharon barges in to say she understands she’s not to have contact with her husband – but wants proof that Dylan’s OK. Kevin can’t – he has no way of getting in touch with him.

The table is set at Top of the Tower; it seems the whole family is coming except Summer and Abby. Noah and Nick (carrying Christian) arrive. What’s the occasion? Nick’s surprised to hear that Chelsea’s bringing Connor. Aside, Nikki calls Vikki (who’ll be there – as soon as she can shut down Reed’s guitar and clean up Johnny)

Back at the Towers, Nick agrees that Chelsea’s part of the family and knows Victor wants to stay close to Adam’s son (but doesn’t look thrilled about it)

After Faith takes Noah off to discuss chess, Nick reminds his Dad that it’s just a game. Faith has a gift, Victor wants her to reach her full potential instead of becoming a bartender (Nikki looks on in disbelief) Aside, Nick greets Chelsea – I’m glad you’re here.

As Vikki puts her credit card away, Reed comes down to say he got Johnny ready. He’s not dressed up because he’s not going to dinner. Just kidding – I’ll be ready in a minute, Reed goes up to put on a ‘nice shirt and sports coat’

Summoned off for an emergency, Kevin isn’t really allowed to leave civilians in the Chief’s office – but leaves Sharon there anyway.

After being driven around in circles, Dylan’s back at his hotel. Have you considered that Fisk might be standing in front of you? But no, Alex is not Mr Fisk. You WILL meet him, she promises. Dylan’s about to leave in a huff – if the giant weren’t outside the door.

As Nick and Chelsea wonder what tonight’s about, Nikki comes over to admire Chelsea’s dress. Aside, Victor chides Noah for working in a dingy bar. As for tonight – you’ll find out, Victor assures with a smile. Vikki arrives in much need of a drink (while Reed pouts that he’s having pop)