Tuesday, January 17th

Back at the club, Lauren assures Craig that she doesn’t need to shake down her husband’s old friends. She’s looking for a true silent partner. Yup – fork over the cash and leave us alone, Mike confirms. Craig’s ready to make a deal – Lauren’s ready to accept (pausing only to give Mike a thank-you kiss on her way out)

Paul calls Dylan – it’s been two days! There’s been curves in the road, but Dylan rode through them. What’s going on down there? Paul probes.

As Kevin hovers, Paul reminds Dylan to stay safe. You don’t sound OK – you sound like a different person. Dylan IS a different person – these aren’t people – they’re garbage, and so am I. He assumes it was Chris who called last night. Fisk’s #2 answered. Dylan hopes this is his last night. How’s Sharon? Tell her I love her. Paul knows Sharon loves and trusts Dylan. She what? he yelps. Be safe – we’ll talk soon, Paul hangs up and wonders why Chris didn’t mention calling Dylan last night.

At GC Buzz, Mariah gets a tip – Katy Perry was bowling with Frank Sinatra. Hilary arrives to say that she and Devon are doing well. No, she’s not firing Mariah – she’s thanking her.

Oh look, Dr Rayburn’s making a house call. Yes, Devon can have sex with his wife – just keep it simple. You guys are good, right? Yes, Hilary’s more excited about having a baby than I am, Devon grins.

Hilary appreciates that Mariah cares about Devon enough to make that announcement – and it was in reaction to what I did. Neither of us are to blame for Devon’s accident. Yes, we talked about it and decided to focus on the future and start a family. Mariah would like to put the past behind them too. One tiny thing, don’t call it ‘our’ show, Hilary says and walks off letting Mariah know she hasn’t really changed.

Who was the woman who called Dylan last night? Kevin wonders if Sharon got her hands on a burner phone. We have to find out – NOW!

Paul’s words echo in Dylan’s head – Sharon loves and trusts you. Who am I? Dylan asks himself in the mirror. Alex returns. Let’s do this, Dylan follows with a heavy duty briefcase.

Ashley’s brought a box and will help Ravi pack (by tossing his stuff into it) She feels betrayed by him meeting with a very disgruntled ex-employee. Ravi wouldn’t have met with Phyllis if he knew it’d upset Ashley. Forgive me.

Still at Top of the Tower, Phyllis gushes about the wonderful Ravi; he’s sweet, humble, cutting edge. But he’s not good with alcohol or women. Ashley came in and freaked out. She despises me. Lauren appreciates Phyllis trying to enlist Ravi into their tiny army. But the fight might be over.

Gloria? Craig catches her as she tries to sneak out of the club. He met just met Lauren and had an interesting chat with her and Mike. He’ll be seeing a lot more of them – if he invests in Fenmores. How fabulous! Gloria claps her hands. Mike watches with distaste.

Lauren assures Phyllis that Craig is the perfect investor – he hates shopping. Phyllis is suspicious – the timing is too perfect. But, we have no other option. Make the deal, they clink glasses.