Tuesday, January 17th

Mike appears to ask Gloria why she’s exchanging numbers with his old friend. We’re catching up. Your Mom looks exactly the same, Craig seems charmed. Tell Lauren I’ll be in touch. Make sure you call me, Gloria hands Craig his phone as he exits. Warning Gloria to stay away – ‘we saw him first’, Mike deletes Craig’s number from Gloria’s phone.

Hilary’s summoned Mariah over to thank her for putting together a list of ideas for the show – but doesn’t like any of them. Our viewers deserve better. After she waddles off to do promos, Mariah hangs her head – but immediately perks up when Devon arrives for a hug. Hilary and I talked, Mariah’s happy the Hamiltons are focusing on a happy future but has to apologise for any part she played in the accident.

There was a call from this burner phone to Dylan’s, Kevin updates. Paul’s pissed to hear that Sharon was left alone in his office. You and Sharon just put Dylan’s life in danger!

Alex lets Dylan into some sort of grimy storage facility where a bloodied man sits gagged and tied to a chair. You just caught me wrapping up some business, Fisk tells ‘Derek’ – he’s sure their business will be more harmonious.

Next: I remember, New Year’s Eve – I know what happened, Devon confronts Hilary ….. If he thinks Sharon can’t cope with this, he won’t be able to focus in this job, Paul reams Kevin …. I’ve proven you can trust me, Dylan says. Alex may think so, Fisk isn’t convinced.

My Thoughts: Devon’s gift to the world is having a baby? How self-absorbed and egotistical. Thank you world for blessing me, now take this spoiled brat as a token of my gratitude. How nice of Dr Rayburn to pay Devon a house call. I wonder if the nurse is still twiddling her thumbs upstairs … Funny that Lauren tells Phyllis that she’s wearing the most ‘corrupting outfit in the history of lunch outfits’ – considering how often her girls are almost toppling out of her top. She’s probably only got her top button done up to her chin to hide a hickey …. Why would Phyllis need the help of a kid like Ravi? Didn’t she unleash Paragon? And what happened to the other cyber-genius Natalie? How many computer geniuses can one town have? Kevin’s lucky he’s got a job … What gives Ashley the right to tell Ravi who he can and can’t have lunch with? She marched over to his table like he was cheating on her. Why would he give a rats ass that the middle aged woman who once had his office ‘poisons’ all her relationships? And you’d think Victor Newman’s restaurant would be the LAST place Phyllis would want to spend her money…. More idiocy with Derek/Dylan – the under-cover cop who just told his story to ‘the world’ on GC Buzz a few months ago. I hope Alex shows up on his and Sharon’s doorstep in 9 months with a baby girl she’ll have called Sally. He can just pull Sully’s stuff out of storage and change the ‘u’ to an ‘a’. Good job he didn’t get a tattoo.