Wednesday, January 25th

Jill’s the one who hired Lily, Billy points out – and wonders what Cane’s problem is; Lily’s perfect for the campaign. You didn’t have time to call me?! Cane rants. Get out of my face and let me do my job, Billy snaps back.

Vikki continues to whine to her Mom about Billy doing no wrong while she can do no right. And no, she won’t tell Reed about Billy’s drinking and gambling. Further discussion is interrupted by loud guitar riffs. Reed! Turn it down! Vikki bolts up the stairs.

Dylan tells Sharon that ‘the bad guys’ know he was working undercover. Flashback to Alex and the thug confronting ‘Derek’ with his recorder (The feds were waiting at the pier. Fisk was arrested) Sharon wonders if these people know who Dylan is. Not yet – and Dylan couldn’t live with himself if he lead these guys to their front door.

Stay out of my relationship and don’t talk to me like I’m your subordinate! Cane unleashes his fury on Billy. I’d never go behind your back and manipulate you the way you manipulated me! On cue, Lily appears.

Nikki has some advice – this is all new to Reed. He’s trying to find his place in the family; testing you. Give yourself a break. Vikki will try – but I never had these issues when I was Reed’s age. Nikki bursts out laughing.

Drying her eyes, Nikki reminds Vikki that she was a handful at Reed’s age. That’s what scares Vikki – what if he’s worse than I was. You turned out OK, Nikki praises her daughter – and suggests she give Reed a break. Needing to go back to work for a bit, Vikki appreciates the chat and Nikki’s offer to babysit. Reed’s surprised to find his grandma there. Just you and me, nice isn’t it? she smiles (Reed does not)

Cane’s going to take his beautiful wife out to dinner. Lily’s there to ask Billy about her schedule. First we celebrate, Cane drags Lily out.

Back at Sharon’s, Dylan knows that Fisk will want revenge. They’ll come after you, Sharon realizes – but we have security here. It’ll be alright, Dylan gives her a hug.

Lily hopes she gets to go to Paris or Venice – nice that we’ll be working together. The launch is on Valentine’s Day. Cane doesn’t want to discuss work – he wants to relax over a glass of wine. Lily decides they must talk about it – she knows Cane and Billy were arguing about her. Lily finds it nice to be treated as her own person; not a wife of Mom.

No, Nikki’s not babysitting Reed – she wants to spend time with her grandson. Yes, Vikki talked to her – she’s worried about you. I’m not a little kid, Reed sulks. Nikki still treats her kids like kids sometimes. Show your Mom you’re mature – ease up on her. On HER? Nikki knows Reed pushes his Mom’s buttons. Make things easier around here, not more difficult.