Wednesday, January 25th

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki’s not eager to chat with Billy – but there’s no need for him to leave (she’ll be more comfortable in the conference room anyway)

Chris is on the phone pleading; Dylan’s not just family, he’s a decorated war vet. Paul arrives for a weepy hug – then is excited to get a call from Dylan. I’m safe, for now.

Over wine, Lily notes that Cane’s being awfully quiet. Cane knows she loves him and the kids. He just wants to have a nice evening. Lily wants the truth – don’t pretend to be happy for me if you’re not. OK, Cane’s not happy about Lily modelling.

Nikki tells Reed that she didn’t have an easy childhood – bad things happen to everyone. Be patient – good things will happen. Reed thanks Nikki for not talking down to him. You can talk to your Mom too, she’s pretty nice once you get to know her, Nikki smiles.

In the conference room, Vikki keeps looking out at Billy (and he keeps looking in at her – until the leaves)

Safe ‘for now’ – what does that mean? Sharon wonders. Dylan won’t let anything happen to those he loves. Your Dad will have the whole force looking out for us, Sharon insists. Dylan sees only one option – I have to leave – tonight. I’m going with you, Sharon says firmly.

Next: Would you please just shred that contract and move on? Ashley requests. When I want something I fight for it, Jack refuses … Is this seat taken? Eric! Lauren greets her old friend Eric Forrester (from Bold and the Beautiful) … What’s happened? Nikki asks. He’s at the house – he needs to see you right away, Sharon replies.

My Thoughts: Nikki’s been running charity events for 30+ years. Why would she need ideas from Vikki? Lily is neither an ambassador or a spokesperson – she’s a model (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Does she plan to let Devon know that she’s quitting or will she wait for him to see her ads all over the place? …. Still no idea why the apartment above the garage hasn’t been turned into a music room for Reed … Does Vikki realize that she’s not the first woman to ‘spread out’ in the conference room today? … If Reed wants to know more about his grandma Nikki all he has to do is Google. Even her diary was published for the masses. Her skeletons have been out of the closet for decades… Odd that Nikki would remember it as Vikki being the one to try undermine Victor’s marriage to Ashley. It was Nikki who used her daughter to try to undermine the marriage. I remember being thoroughly disgusted that she read Vikki bedtime stories depicting Ashley as a ‘wicked witch’ .. Great idea – Dylan and Sharon should pack up and leave GC immediately. I wouldn’t miss either at this point.