Friday, January 27th

Paul drops by Sharon’s to update her (and Nikki) that Dylan’s plane landed safely (though he can’t say where) Sharon blames Paul – then apologizes to him and Nikki (it was her fault) Nikki reassures Sharon – we must get through this for the people counting on us. Sharon wonders what they’re going to say. Paul thinks it best to keep the story simple.

Why would Dylan leave the job and family he loved? You want me to say I’m the reason he left? Sharon balks. It’s the simplest explanation, Paul insists – he does care what Sharon’s kids think about her for the rest of their lives and won’t go ahead with this story without her permission. It’s a request, not an order. But it is the best way to keep Dylan safe.

Taking the stage (and mic) Nick thanks Noah for putting this together and introduces DJ Spectral X. Who’s ready to par-tay!!!??? she screeches (apparently everyone) Especially a certain 50+ redhead who’s dancing up on the bar. Watching, Nick and Phyllis lament that they were once that fun couple. Nick grins as Phyllis joins Mike on the dancefloor.

Eating Chinese take out at Jack’s desk, Ashley notes that Ravi keeps checking his watch – are you seeing someone? Tonight? Well, there is this EDM artist at the Underground. Come with me, Ravi invites. That’s sweet but EDM isn’t really Ashley’s thing. Have fun.

Jack joins Gloria at Top of the Tower – what’s the emergency? Shouldn’t you be in your flannels watching Murder She Wrote? Gloria sleeps in the nude – and now she wants a job, a decent salary and some dignity. Unfortunately, Jack, with only 49% ownership, doesn’t have the power to create jobs (thanks to Eric Forrester) The best he can offer Gloria is a free drink – ‘top shelf’.

Gloria enjoys her ‘top shelf’ shot and laughs about Lauren manipulating Jack. I’m proud of that girl. And now for another drink. Jack will do more that that – he’ll join her. His problem was pills, not alcohol. Barkeep, I’ll have whatever my ex-stepMom’s having. Drinking the shot, Jack doesn’t look at all happy.

The worst rave ever is in full swing as Noah warns Nick not to dance on the bar. No vice squad raid. He’s going to check on his Mom and will be back before the encore. Nick insists Phyllis get up and dance on the bar. No? OK, he takes her phone to ‘drag her dating life into the 21st century’. Aside, Ravi looks like he’s having a seizure on the dancefloor.

Looking bored, Ashley turns off the office lights and leaves.

Sharon will do whatever she needs to in order to keep Dylan safe. Nikki and Paul are both proud of her – you’re doing the right thing. They then leave Sharon to mope over a framed photo of Dylan.