Friday, January 27th

Why are Dylan’s clothes out? Noah arrives to ask his Mom. He’s gone? Like gone gone? He left – we decided to end our marriage, Sharon informs.

While Nick and Phyllis have fun creating her profile on a dating site, Ravi’s surprised when Ashley appears beside him on the dancefloor.

Empty shot glasses littering the bar, Jack and Gloria are having a great time. Suddenly insulted, Gloria stands up – then falls into Jack’s arms; both laughing.

Jack signs the tab – we’ve both had enough. My driver will drop you off. No, Gloria can find her own way home (but can’t find the purse on her shoulder) Leaning heavily on Jack, Gloria exits.

Seated in a booth, the Baldwins watch the show and talk about how in love they are. At the bar, Phyllis gets a response to her online profile. Nick explains that it’s her first match – click and have a look.

Packing up a box of Dylan’s things, Sharon thinks the time he spent away made him realize that he couldn’t trust me. He’s gone. I have to accept that. Noah’s so sorry ~hug~ So am I, Sharon weeps – more than you can ever know.

Next: So you brought me good news? Devon asks. Depends on how you look at it – we think so, Lily smiles…. Vikki snips at Billy – Reed is more than welcome to apologize. You embarrassed him in front of a girl, Billy doesn’t think Reed will forgive her anytime soon…. A dishevelled Jack tells Jill that he has to meet with Lauren to finalize the contracts for his stake in Fenmores. What are YOU talking about?! Jill’s stunned.

My Thoughts: I doubt Sharon ever envisioned Noah as ‘Justin Beaver’ – for one thing he didn’t even pick up a guitar until he went off to Paris with Eden and came back suddenly able to play … So wait – customers upload a photo of themselves to JabotGo and see instant results from various skin care products. Cool – I can’t see any disgruntled customers demanding a refund when they don’t get the results an app promised them…. Oh sure it’s all fun until the drunk 50-year-old woman falls off the bar and breaks her leg. Especially bad for the bar owner that he’s actively encouraging such antics and that said 50-year-old woman is married to the town’s most brilliant legal mind. EDM for those not young and cool (like me) is electronic dance music. It’s OK to jump in place to but one can hardly call it dancing (or music for that matter) It should not be attempted by anyone under the age of 30 (and that’s pushing it) Let’s just hope someone was keeping an eye out for drinks being roofied. Oh wait, it didn’t look like anyone was drinking (which is somewhat important if you own a bar)