Tuesday, January 31st

Devon makes it clear that this is business only – we’re not getting back together. Hilary does a good job. Devon’s making some adjustments; he went over the budget with Roz and has hired a co-host. She’s right over there. Hilary looks over at Mariah.

At Brash n Sassy, Billy pleads Reed’s case – all the kids are making fun of Reed because his Mom made a scene. Vikki’d do things differently if she could. He’s a new kid at school; in a tough spot, Billy adds. Vikki hopes she hasn’t driven her son away (and suspects Billy’s going to tell her how to fix this)

Vikki teases Billy about having all the answers. She can handle some teenage angst (then is alarmed to hear that Reed’s at CL’s; assuming erroneously that he skipped school) On her way out, Vikki needs to ask Billy a favour – something that’ll show Reed she’s not as bad as he thinks she is.

Devon referees Hilary and Mariah – the show needs you both. Hilary will do the gossip; Mariah, human interest stories. Devon instructs Mariah to fact check Hilary’s work; flag anything that doesn’t look right. But after he leaves, it’s Hilary who’s making changes to Mariah’s story.

Billy bumps into Jack when he goes to give BnS’s rent cheque to Stacy in Financial. Jack will have Stacy set up direct deposit – save Billy the walk. And save you from running into me, Billy adds (and Jack doesn’t deny) Waiting for the elevator, Billy warns Jack not to jerk Phyllis around again (since he’ll be her boss again)

Jack takes exception to Billy warning him to lay off Phyllis. She cared enough to leave her job, Billy points out – it’s not her fault she’s working for you again. Jack glares out at Billy as the elevator doors close.

Lauren meets Phyllis at the club – is Jack pissed that I didn’t get to the meeting? Naw, he figured Jill was trying to nix the deal. Hearing that Jack might be having second thoughts, Lauren will convince him that Jill’s not a problem. He has another concern – me, Phyllis confides. Jack will have to live with it, Lauren’s had enough of him and Jill.

Jill’s at the estate whining to Collin about Lauren making a deal behind her back; going to Phyllis and Jack instead of me. The virtual dressing room app will be a game changer. But now half the profits will go to Jack. Collin tells Jill to get angry – go after them with everything you’ve got. Jill agrees – and she has plenty of money from Brash n Sassy and CI to fight with.

Still at the studio, Hilary again apologizes for how she treated Mariah then sends her to wardrobe, hair and makeup. Mariah pauses – guess we shouldn’t say ‘break a leg’. Believe it or not, Hilary’s actually looking forward to this. After Mariah leaves, Hilary gives Roz a new segment; she’s sending a ‘clip’ over; a surprise welcome to Mariah, so shhhhh.