Tuesday, January 31st

At CL’s, Vikki knows Reed doesn’t really have to get back to class. Yes, she heard about the whole witch thing. Reed’s surprised when his Mom apologizes and vows to do better; get to know him. How? Looking at something on her phone, Reed’s excited – no way!

Thanking Collin for his support, Jill types away as she gloats that she’s found a better way (than court) to get what she wants. She’ll go to Jack behind Lauren’s back and make him a deal for his 49%. Collin looks very worried.

Jack meets Lauren at the club – did she put the fire out with Jill? It’s smouldering but nothing Lauren can’t handle. And she’ll dump Jack’s deal before she’ll dump her friend and co-worker Phyllis (who makes a timely appearance)

Watching Mariah and Hilary on air, Roz tells Devon that it’s time for the new segment he added. Huh? The ‘welcome to the show’ clip. Uh oh – Devon knows Hilary’s going to humiliate Mariah. Let’s take a look at this clip, Hilary smiles into the camera. Mariah smiles nervously.

The monitor shows a frozen image of Mariah on the floor (after falling) Hilary admits to tripping Mariah and apologizes. I hope to one day earn your forgiveness. Mariah looks gobsmacked.

Overlooking the ‘invasion of privacy’, Reed’s thrilled to be going to see Jack White in Chicago. Who cares that it’s a school night – not Vikki. Who will I go with? Reed suggests he take Billy. Vikki covers her disappointment. But Reed’s only kidding – of course he wants to go with his Mom.

Collin thinks it’ll take a lot of money to buy Jack out. Jill doesn’t care – this is about honour. Collin’s concerned about the sister’s relationship and isn’t your plate full already? OK, Jill will go sleep on it (leaving Collin looking mighty relieved)

As Phyllis joins their table, Jack hands Lauren a contract to sign. All look serious.

Next: Vikki tells Billy – I need you to help me launch the latest weapon in our arsenal … Jill growls at Collin – I want you to tell me the real reason you don’t want me to pursue this deal, tell me NOW … That was the last thing I ever expected, Devon’s stunned. Does that change things for you? Neil asks.