Thursday, February 2nd

As Victor and Nikki watch on, Sharon tells Faith that Dylan’s gone forever – he moved away. Why? Faith starts to cry. He left to get away from you? What did you do this time? she wails.

Faith accuses her Mom of messing up too many times. Why didn’t Dylan just move to another house, like Daddy? Did he want to get away from me? Why didn’t he tell me himself? This isn’t your fault, Victor chimes in. Faith knows – it’s her Mom’s fault. After Faith runs upstairs in tears, Nikki appreciates what Sharon did (even if Faith doesn’t) And after Sharon leaves, Victor decides that Faith must forgive her Mother. And Nikki decides she’ll be the one to handle it.

Vikki bumps into Phyllis – guess you’ll be working here again (due to the merger) Getting a call from Reed, she nixes him going out on a school night. Overhearing, Phyllis knows it’s not easy raising a teenage boy. Vikki wonders how Phyllis knows so much about what’s going on with her and Reed. Billy mentioned it. Oh right, because you two share everything, Vikki basically tells Phyllis to stick her advice.

Ashley and Ravi are seated miles far apart at a booth at Underground. I don’t like sharing you, she quips. Your needs will be my priority, Ravi vows. Ashley then jokes about her numerous marriages (which are still in the single digits she’s proud to say) And this is Noah…. my uh daughter’s nephew. We have an interesting family tree. Ravi worries – if someone as smart as Ashley can’t make it work, what hope do the rest of us have? Cheers.

Gloria introduces herself to Mariah – Kevin says you’re the sole of discretion. But this isn’t about Kevin – this is a story people need to hear. Your show exposes the elite of the city right? Uh yeah, Mariah confirms. Good, because Gloria’s story involves sexual harassment at one of the biggest corporations in GC.

Ravi talks to Ashley about the algorithms of dating sites – what is her ideal match? OK, she likes arrogant alpha males – not a caveman, but a man who’s not intimidated by a woman with money or opinions – not a wimp. The algorithms would tell you to broaden your horizons – a truly confident man doesn’t have to prove anything. You deserve someone great.

I’ll get you the money, Collin says as he hurries off the phone when Jill arrives. Taking her coat, Ester’s glad to be back. Jill’s then left to give Collin unsettling news – her lawyers are working on getting what’s hers.

Vikki returns to blast Billy for talking to Phyllis about her and Reed. Having had enough of her scolding, Billy leaves to go live up to Vikki’s low expectations of him (and have some fun)

Mariah talks into the camera – her guest will only tell her story if her identity is protected. Clarissa is not her real name. Her face blurred for viewers, Gloria claims to be coming forward for the sake of all women being victimized in the workforce. Her harasser asked her to consult with him – she kept her end of the bargain. He made it clear that he wanted sexual favours. Her face blurred out, Gloria tearfully admits she gave her boss what he wanted – all night. He was insatiable. When it was over, he had no further use for my service and never wanted to see my face again. This man makes products for women. He’s very powerful. His name? It was the CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, Jack Abbott.

Nick drops by Sharon’s – no, not to gloat. He just wants to see how she’s doing. Sharon’s taking her meds so won’t have a breakdown – don’t worry. Nick will always be concerned about Sharon. Faith may never forgive me, she worries. I chased everyone away, including you. Nick thought Dylan was ready to start the next chapter of his life. He was, Sharon agrees – without me.