Friday, February 3rd

Plotting my demise? Amused, Jack takes a seat at the bar. Pouring more champagne, Gloria’s equally smug as she talks about Jack not being able to get enough of her the other night – then the deal he reneged on. We’re done here, Jack gets up. But the show’s about to start, Gloria salivates – you won’t want to miss it.

In the stopped elevator, Phyllis responds briefly then backs out of Billy’s kiss. And when he makes another attempt, she yanks his arm behind his back – that’s for using me to try get back at Vikki! she snarls as she storms off the elevator.

Vikki comes home to listen as Reed entertains the kids with stories of trolls in a fort made of sheets in the living room.

At GC Buzz, Devon reads as Hilary assures that he’ll be single and free once he signs. There’s no hidden surprises. Devon sees one – there’s no divorce settlement. That’s because Hilary doesn’t want anything from Devon (who’s not buying it)

Unaware that Vikki’s sitting a few feet away, Reed now tells the kids about Princess Zoey (but shhh – the troll Mommy doesn’t like her) It’s now bedtime – teeth first, then Reed can tell them 5 more minutes of troll stories. After the kids run upstairs, Reed puzzles his Mom with some hip kid acronyms – then leaves her jaw to drop when she opens an envelope.

Yes, Billy’s followed Phyllis to the CL’s patio. You’re right – Vikki’s my #1 trigger. You’re my #1 vice. OK – that wasn’t the best way to put it, he admits. Phyllis blasts Billy for overstepping – and trying to get back with both her and Vikki – you’d be happy with whichever of us says ‘yes’.

What show? Jack reluctantly asks. Gloria waves the bar’s TV remote in his face – the whole town will be talking about this. What have you done? Jack’s worried. As Gloria turns the TV on, Hilary introduces Mariah with tonight’s top story – a first person account of harassment in the workplace. Gloria shushes Jack as ‘Clarissa’s’ voice and image are altered as she tells her whopper. Want some popcorn Jack?

You didn’t, Jack scowls. I did, Gloria giggles. Both are stunned when the feed suddenly goes out and cuts to Hilary apologizing for technical difficulties.

At the station, Hilary blasts Mariah – she didn’t know her big story was attacking her close friend Jack Abbott.

Jack says that audio glitch is the best thing that ever happened to Gloria – what made you think you could get away with this charade? Blackmail would have been simpler – you may have gotten the money you wanted, Jack leaves Glo to think.

After calling to cancel the membership, Vikki goes online to check the url. When Reed comes downstairs, he’s asked if he used her credit card. Yes, for the mall and pizza, he reminds. Vikki then shows him her credit card statement – including a charge for webcam shows of ‘the naughtiest nymphs’. Reed looks suitably busted.

Now alone on the patio, Phyllis is on her phone squinting at a photo of her online match when he appears. Rambling on about his ex wife and Mother, Troy then asks about Phyllis (who glances in at Billy; who’s watching from inside CL’s)