Thursday, February 2nd

Nikki talks to Faith about people making mistakes, growing apart – there’s no simple answers. We’re all sad that Dylan’s gone. What you said to your Mom made her feel worse.

Collin’s stunned to hear that Jill’s selling Brash n Sassy to buy Jack’s shares in Fenmores. You’re way too tense, he suggests a cruise. OK but Jill has no intention of letting Lauren off the hook. Nobody screws me over – nobody. Collin looks worried.

Cane’s on the phone – he wants to sell off all his holdings. I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m buying a cosmetics company.

When Hilary returns to GC Buzz, Mariah rushes over to tell her about her juicy story. Cutting her off, Hilary trusts Mariah to handle it – then goes over to hand Devon an envelope ‘read it and weep’. What have you done now? he snarks.

Faith comes to Sharon with her tail between her legs to apologize for all the nasty things she said to her Mom ~hug~ Grandma made me realize how sad you are about Dylan leaving.

Vikki tells Victor that she, Billy and Cane are going to buy Brash n Sassy. One third? Victor scoffs – and the other two thirds go to a grifter and a gambler? You created this company – buy the whole damn thing!

Read it – then tell me I haven’t changed, Hilary crows – Divorce papers – just sign on the dotted line and be rid of your calculating wife forever.

Hilary approved the segment, Mariah tells a staffer. Put it first – it’ll really get people talking.

Jack arrives at the club to find Gloria drinking champagne at the bar. Day drinking’s one way to pass the time when unemployed, he muses smugly. What are you celebrating? Your demise, Gloria grins.

Billy joins Phyllis on the elevator. He’s leaving before this day gets any worse. To hell with it all. He then pulls the emergency button and kisses Phyllis passionately.

Next: Vikki shows Reed her credit card bill – I doubt Johnny and Katherine are interested in the live cam shows of ‘The World’s Naughtiest Nymphs’… Gloria points a remote at the TV – you reallly should be watching this show Jack – you don’t want to be out of the loop…. Hilary and Mariah begin the show – here’s an exclusive story you won’t want to miss.

My Thoughts: Devon seems completely oblivious to the red flags Hilary’s constantly waving in his face. Why would she ‘only care’ what Devon thinks of her? Anyone with decent morals and character only needs to look in the mirror for affirmation, not someone else. Hilary is admitting that she’s acting as she knows Devon wants her to – which is exactly what Mariah recognized. And yeah, Hilary might lose a few fans – but not because of her apology, but because she assaulted another woman. Just another employee? Does Devon tell everyone at GC that he ‘misses this side’ of them?… It’s odd that Mariah spent much of last year trying to extort money from Kevin (and Natalie) yet didn’t think to sue the billionaire(s) responsible for unsafe work conditions that landed her on her face … Make up your mind Gloria – are you looking for a ‘sole of discretion’ to confide in or need a public platform and megaphone? Obviously, she was looking for the latter – but what makes her think Mariah’s a sole of discretion? She just exposed Hilary … Gloria’s despicable lie does a disservice to those actually being sexually harassed at work (like Phyllis in the elevator!) She didn’t step in to protect her son from Terrible Tom, but doesn’t hesitate to smear Jack’s ‘good’ name (good insofar as his partners have always been willing) I realize GC Buzz isn’t exactly investigative journalism but weren’t Devon and Mariah all about fact-checking? Just a quick Google search would uncover the long and sordid history between Gloria and Jack/Jabot (including that she contaminated face cream that resulted in a woman dying) … Devon’s sitting Right. There! Why didn’t Mariah tell HIM, her friend, about her juicy story? … And here we have Sharon McAvoy in her natural habitat – playing her usual role of martyr as she does so well (I’m not even kidding – I kinda felt sorry for her. Maybe she should throw herself into her work. Surely there’s going to be a dress shortage in GC soon. They should rename it Chelsea 2.Oh, we don’t actually make dresses)… If Underground in the middle of the afternoon is Ashley’s idea of someplace more’fun’ it’s no wonder she’s single.