Friday, February 3rd

Phyllis gives Billy an agonized look as Troy goes on and on about his cheating ex. Even Phyllis’ mention of Fenmores turns to more talk of the evil ‘Pam’. Billy saunters onto the patio as Troy explains that his ex had him committed to Fairview for observation. When Billy approaches the table to bail Phyllis out, Troy assumes Pam sent him.

Reed’s sorry, he’s not denying it – can’t we just forget about this? No, Vikki lists all his crimes. I took you to a concert to try make things up to you! And when Reed doesn’t seem to get it, Vikki stomps off frustrated.

Devon needs Mariah and Hilary to finish the show. The ladies bicker over whether to run the rest of the story. Mariah knows that if Gloria had accused anyone other than Jack …. Hilary scoffs – do a background check on your ‘victim’ – she and Jack have been feuding for years. Mariah’s NOT naive. Maybe you want to kill my interview because Jack’s your next conquest. Are you going to let her speak to me like that? Hilary turns to Devon (who agrees with Mariah) Hilary then ends up going back on air alone – welcome back.

Jack catches Gloria at the revolving door to say that after serious consideration, he agrees that Gloria should be compensated for her effort (no, not in bed – he wants to keep that quiet) He just needs a bit of time. Gloria won’t give Jack any – no one wants to buy lipstick from a sexual predator – work faster, she snarls as she sashays out.

Great job everyone, Devon announces – then tells Hilary that no one knows if the allegations against Jack are true; there’s no proof. Hilary will find some (to clear Jack)

Reed comes down with his tail between his legs and lists the steps he’s taken (erasing history and safeguarding the kids) Hurtful words and breach of trust can’t be erased – Vikki can’t believe the kid who’s been manipulating her. You’re grounded for a month – no TV, phone, video games, music, guitar or computer. I need the computer for school, Reed argues. All ‘contraband’ better be piled on that desk right there by the time Vikki comes down from her bath!

Bringing over a plate of doughnuts, Billy begs Phyllis to give him one more chance. Troy admits he’s not ready to date – this is the first one that’s lasted longer than 10 minutes. You guys should work it out, he leaves. That leaves Phyllis to thank Billy for saving her – yes, we can be friends.

Phyllis tells Billy that Nick talked her into trying online dating. After a few laughs, Reed calls Billy to say that his Mom’s out of control – you have to talk to her. Come on. There’s no one else. Billy begs off – sorry. Between the black coffee and not wanting to discuss Vikki’s disciplinary issues, Phyllis finds Billy’s newfound responsibility disconcerting.

Devon’s about to sign the divorce papers when Mariah returns to apologize for walking off. Devon has no intention of firing her – if Jack’s NOT innocent, Hilary knows better than to try a cover up (he thinks) Mariah’s ‘slain’ to hear that Hilary’s walking away without a dime. Devon’s sceptical himself – there’s only one way to know.