Monday, February 6th

At Underground, Vikki whines to Nick – her patience and humour are exhausted. Teen angst is harder to deal with than diapers.

At the design studio, Chelsea’s sorry things with Dylan didn’t work out. Him leaving doesn’t make sense. Dylan had to leave for his own survival, Sharon blames herself.

Devon introduces Lily to Suzanne – she’s at the club to interview for Lily’s old job.

Jack’s at GC Buzz – telling Hilary that he needs to find Gloria a job to stop her from spreading her lies. Hilary’s disgusted and despite being able to end the segment before Jack’s name came out, there’s speculation online. No – there’s no way in hell she will hire Gloria (and she doesn’t have any pull with Devon anyway)

At CL’s, Chloe tries to show Gloria an app that matches people with a job. You’re a vibrant, creative woman. And here’s another app that budgets household expenses – and here’s your share of the bills (she holds her phone out to show Gloria)

Seated, Lily likes Suzanne’s resume – but the club needs someone who can keep a lot of balls in the air – able to deal with problems with the chef and demanding guests. Devon takes Lily aside to wonder if she’s reluctant to endorse Suzanne because she’s afraid to cut the cord.

Jack persists in trying to land Gloria a job at GC Buzz. She was a judge on a reality show – you’ll earn my undying gratitude. He finally realizes he’s putting Hilary in a bad position. And she can’t believe he and Gloria….. Jack has to find his way out of this – see ya (he leaves)

Did Reed not realize I’d see a charge for an adult website on my credit card? Vikki doesn’t want to think of him as a young man. Babies smile – teenagers sneer and hate your guts, she whines. Nick thinks Reed’s a normal kid – he just needs to know he can find adult sites for free online. Vikki can’t tell Nick what’s going on at Brash n Sassy – and he doesn’t want to talk about Chelsea (which piques her curiosity)

Nick insists that he and Chelsea are just friends – family. Inviting him along to Lily’s fitting, Vikki thinks there’s more to it – and sees nothing wrong with that.

Back at the studio, Chelsea fusses over Sharon’s finger (which she stuck with a pin) – she’s sorry she pushed her about Dylan. If what happened with Christian pushed him over the edge, she feels partly responsible (for the similar Connor episode). Perhaps he’ll come back. He’s never coming back! Sharon snaps.

Gloria balks at the bill – it was only a tiny bit of caviar and champagne. Chloe can keep her apps – Gloria has a colleague working on getting her a job. Left with a print out of the bills (which Gloria can pay with cash or a check) Gloria puts her glasses on to read the bill for their coffee too (which Chloe’s left without paying)

Back at the club, Neil’s joined the kids as Lily admits she might not want to give up her job in case things don’t pan out at Brash n Sassy. Devon wants Lily to pursue modelling – even if he has to lock her out of the club. Joining them, Jack’s most interested to hear that Lily’s job as manager is now vacant.

Hilary tells a GC Buzz staffer that she wants a countdown to Valentine’s Day added to the corner of the screen. No, Devon won’t be here for the taping – he has other priorities. Hilary’s then handed an envelope – maybe it’s a scoop. She’s left to open a check for 250 million (from Devon)