Friday, February 3rd

Hilary joins Jack at the club’s bar – she stopped the segment at the last second. No thanks needed – I was just doing my job. She knows Jack’s innocent. Gloria made up the whole damn thing, Jack gripes. How’d you know it was her? Hilary asks. She basically forced me to watch it. Realizing that Jack did sleep with Gloria, Hilary wonders how he’ll handle her accusations.

Exiting GC Buzz talking on his phone, Devon assures that he’s not joking – he needs a 250 million cashier’s check made out to Hilary – asap thanks ~click~ After he leaves, Gloria comes back to talk to Mariah. She’s OK with the show being cut off – Jack will get his – I’m suddenly winning.

Hilary won’t let Gloria shake Jack down – let me expose her. Naw, she’ll just find another show – the only way to stop Gloria is to give her what she wants, Jack sighs.

Billy and Phyllis discuss him finding a match for her. You’ll find someone, he’s sure. I did once – but I’m not looking for that to happen again, Phyllis smiles wistfully and flounces off.

Happy now? No, Vikki’s not – but you pushed me to it. Perhaps she’ll trust Reed again in a month. You poisoned Billy against me! Reed rants about her cutting him out of his life. You really are Victor’s daughter, cold and mean! (he runs upstairs)

Next: Adam’s gone. If you can both find a little happiness is that so crazy? Vikki asks Nick …. Faith clings to her Mom – I want to come home – today …. Gloria taunts Jack – you’re making it sound like I’m nothing to you but a sex object – which is exactly what got you into this problem.

My Thoughts: How could Hilary possibly have met with a lawyer and gotten divorce paperwork so quickly? Maybe they dispense them in a vending machine in the GC Buzz lobby? Press E2 for a settlement-free, non-contested divorce. Press F6 for a divorce with settlement. Press M1 for a divorce with settlement and custody. Press S6 to financially annihilate your cheating ex … Mariah should be fired – walking off in the middle of a show IS unprofessional. Devon didn’t even give her a ‘don’t do that again’. He’s the most disinterested boss ever (at the club and GC Buzz) Hasn’t Mariah even told her good pal Kevin that she’s Mom’s gonna be on her show?? You’d think she might have contacted him (especially since Natalie seems to have vanished along with Marissa) … If Phyllis wants a shot at dating someone who doesn’t know her sordid history, she might want to meet him somewhere other than the coffee shop her exes and enemies frequent.