Monday, February 6th

Sharon’s sorry she snapped at Chelsea – Dylan’s alive, Adam’s dead. We tried but he’s gone and won’t be back. It’s not safe for Dylan here (I mean emotionally) Maybe Sharon isn’t ready to come back to work after all. Leaving with Chelsea’s blessing, Sharon brushes past Chloe. Chelsea explains that she needs time – I pushed Sharon to see hope (which she now has after losing Adam)

Sage would want you to live your life, Vikki nags Nick (who’s fine – Chelsea’s his friend) There’s no chemistry between you? Vikki prods. Flashing back to kissing Chelsea on New Year’s, Nick just wants to do what’s right.

As Neil asks Jack about Fenmores and Phyllis, Devon thanks Suzanne for coming (and joins them to say she’s not the person for the job) Jack’s sure the right person will show up – then hurries off to a meeting (and texts Gloria – stay put – he has good news) Gloria hopes it’s good news – for his sake. Your card was declined, the barista’s sorry to inform Gloria (who orders another latte and a muffin)

Hilary calls Devon. No, I don’t need to ‘get that’, he tells Neil as he ignores the call. Hanging up, Hilary grabs her stuff and hurries out of GC Buzz.

Gloria prods Jack to pay her bill and give the barista a nice tip. He does so and tells Gloria about the job at the club. You’ll be a player – maybe even meet your next husband. Gloria doesn’t like Jack brushing her off like she’s nothing more than a sex object to him. Come up with something else – quickly, she orders.

Over at the studio, Chloe and Chelsea are showing Vikki and Lily their new line of dresses (designed for a busy working Mom who looks fabulous) Alone with Chloe, Vikki confides that she admires Chelsea and hopes things work out for her.

Leaving the ranch (and Faith) Nick lets Sharon in – Faith feels bad about Dylan leaving. Sharon’s there to talk to her – alone. And she’d be a lot better if people stopped asking her how she’s holding up. Nick understands – he lied about being OK after losing Sage. You’ll get there too, he encourages as he leaves. Faith then runs into her Mom’s arms – I want to come home, today.