Tuesday, February 7th

Sorry. No time for spellcheck today.

Jack’s relieved to see Gloria’s desk empty – not so much when he finds her in his office. No such luck in avoiding me, she offers Mr Abbott coffee (and reminds that he and Lauren are being interviewed by GC Buzz today)

Lauren joins Phyllis at CL’s – dressed to impressed for today’s interview but wondering how to stop Jack from dominating the interview and making it seem like he saved Fenmores.

At Brash n Sassy, it’s full steam ahead as Cane and Billy butt heads over how to expand the company. Vikki arrives in a good mood – and wastes little time dropping her bomb on the boys; I want to buy BnS on my own.

Lily puts talk of her replacement aside to warn Devon that Hilary’s playing games (by ripping the check up) and will be going after his fortune – you need to get ahead of this. Devon already is.

Mike accosts Hilary at GC Buzz – he just needs a few minutes to discuss her divorce. I already told Devon I don’t want anything – what part of that doesn’t he understand? she snaps.

Served coffee, Jack tells Gloria to cut the act. No, he doesn’t need her to take a memo or make a call – go back to your desk and stay out of trouble. Gloria intercepts Ravi as he’s heading into Jack’s office. She guesses he’s in IT and declaring him nerdy but easy on the eyes, Glo she goes to fetch him tea. Ashley’s surprised to hear that Ravi’s been told to wait by Jack’s receptionist – and horrified at the sight of Gloria.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis notices how often Lauren dabs her lips while drinking coffee. It’s a ‘tell’- Jack puts his hand in his hair when angry and smooths out his tie before jumping into a conversation. You’re a genius, Lauren praises her pal.

Devon tells Lily that he’s willing to pay a lot of money to be rid of Hilary. Is that what you really want? Lily’s not convinced.

You’re thinking you can get more money out of Devon, Mike assumes and points out that Hilary won’t be entitled to any of his inheritance; just half of profits earned during their short marriage. Plus, you’re an educated woman who’s been employed throughout the marriage (not dependant on Devon) Take his generous offer and give Devon a chance for closure, Mike requests. Insisting she’s not interested, Hilary has work to do.