Monday, February 6th

Yes, Faith worries about her Mom being all alone – she’s ready to come home. Sharon thinks Faith sweet and thoughtful – but I can’t let you come home with me.

Bumping into Nick at CL’s, Chelsea’s surprised to hear that Vikki tried to drag him to Lily’s fitting. It’s not a bad idea – we could use a boy’s opinion. I’m a man, Nick quips.

Jack touts Gloria’s experience (briefly running Glowworm) She’s not having it and wants him to hold up his end of their deal or she’ll tell the whole world what happened between them. Jack gives in – OK, you’ll get ‘a seat at the table’ but be careful what you wish for.

Hilary marches over to the club to slam the check on the bar. Neil’s stunned at the amount – this isn’t the time or the place, he tries to referee her and Devon. Hilary won’t let Devon pretend she only cared about his money – and that he didn’t love her. Take this check, Devon hands it over. Hilary rips it up – I’m not for sale.

Nick and Chelsea compare notes on their attempts to support Sharon. Hope is scary – it opens you up to having your heart broken again, Chelsea says. She has closure (as does Nick) – and has no choice but to move on. Nick’s let to think about that.

Sharon doesn’t think it best for Faith to come home right now – I’m too sad. It’s your job to be a happy kid, not to fix me. Sharon will work hard to be strong and not miss Dylan. Then Faith can come home. I love you Mom, Faith gives her a hug.

Back at Jabot, Jack cringes as he hears Gloria answering the phone at a desk outside his office. Shutting the door, he covers his face with both hands.

Next: You have to get out in front of this before things get ugly, Lily advises. You don’t have to worry about that, I already have, Devon replies … I knew you’d show up early trying to avoid me, Gloria tells Jack (in his office) – no such luck …. If you have something to say, just say it now, Cane invites. I want to buy Brash n Sassy on my own, Vikki informs him and Billy.

My Thoughts: Why on earth would Jack think Devon would hire Gloria; she’s a PR nightmare. And why would Gloria be happier as Jack’s secretary than managing the club? Jack couldn’t find her a more Gloria-fied job elsewhere in the building? Or at the office in New York he tried to ship Phyllis off to. Wait until Ashley finds out. What will Jabot’s customers think about the woman responsible for tainting their products being rehired? The family of the dead woman? And doesn’t Gloria agreeing to work directly for Jack disprove her claims that he sexually harassed her? Can’t she answer phones at Mike’s office? (if he and Leslie still have one) … Boo hoo Vikki. Perhaps you should keep your credit cards in a more secure location and more closely monitor your computers; maybe spend some time with the son you’ve never shown an interest in. Taking away everything Reed enjoys for a month sure won’t help their relationship… Odd that Sharon’s now allowed to come and go from the main house – she did burn the last one down after all… Oh yeah – Lily really ‘kept a lot of balls in the air’ while managing the club (mostly Cane’s and a fes times Joe Clark’s)