Tuesday, February 7th

After Vikki explains why SHE should have first dips on BnS, Cane objects. And of course Billy doesn’t have a problem with it – he’d say anything to get back in bed with Vikki, he’s sure.

Billy’s opinion that Vikki’s entitled to the company has nothing to do with personal feelings and making decisions by committee doesn’t work well. Cane feels it’s always two against one anyway – like how they hired Lily without consulting him. He’s not letting go of this opportunity.

Devon strolls around the club – flashing back to Hilary giving up her credit cards and jewellery – claiming that she just wants him to be happy – ripping up the check as she declares she’s ‘not for sale’. He runs off on a mission.

No, Mike didn’t leave GC Buzz – he wants Hilary to sign this paperwork relinquishing rights to Devon’s fortune; she can’t take him to court in the future. Yes, Devon wants her to sign this. No, Hilary’s word isn’t good enough.

Are you high!? Ashley blasts Jack (who claims that Gloria’s savvy) Yeah, she was brilliant when she tainted our face cream and conned our Father into leaving her half his estate. Jack will not fire Gloria. Ashley marches out and orders Ravi to follow her. Have a lovely day you two, Gloria calls out.

Ashley paces Ravi’s tiny office ranting and raving about Gloria (and listing why she’s NOT ‘nice’) She hired two actors to play her sons, she tainted our face cream with solvent; customers were hurt; Abby, a CHILD, was burnt. Steer very clear of her!

Gloria puts a caller on hold to stop Lauren and Phyllis – you must wait to be announced. Watch this, the ladies barge into Jack’s office – and are stunned to hear that he hired Gloria (which they think hilarious)

Devon’s at GC Buzz – if Hilary really wants nothing from him, sign the papers. Hilary reads that to mean that everything they went through together meant nothing. You think I’ll come back to make a sneak attack? it wouldn’t be the first time you broke my heart, Devon replies.

Cane and Vikki continue to bicker over BnS in front of Lily (who thinks they can come to some agreement) No, it’s not gonna happen, Cane marches off. Vikki decides to cancel the meeting – perhaps Lily can talk to Cane to let him know this IS happening.

At CL’s, Cane hopes Lily doesn’t agree with Vikki. She kinda does – put the stress solely on Vikki. No, Jill made the offer to the three of them – he’ll go directly to her to see about buying BnS.

Yes, Billy IS genuinely happy for Vikki (who admits her Dad encouraged her to go forward) It makes sense to her – it’s destiny. Billy can’t argue as long as he’s vice president. Vikki has a question – was Cane right? Were you hoping to get into my bed? Would it surprise you if I said yes? Billy responds.

In Jack’s office, he’s asked why he hired Gloria. To keep tabs on her, he explains. Now, let’s get to the interview. I know you’ll both be brilliant, Gloria follows them to the elevator. Are you really going to wear that? she asks Lauren – that’s not really your colour.

Ashley’s impressed by Ravi’s revisions to the JabotGo app – it’s brilliant. Phyllis pops in to see Ravi but is left with Ashley. She’s respecting the rules – can’t we put our differences aside and work together (as Jack would want)? You don’t know what Jack would want, Ashley snaps.

Phyllis knows what Jack wants better than anyone – Ashley’s attitude isn’t helping (nor does her bringing up Billy again) Phyllis left Jabot – Jack bought 49% of the company she moved onto. She vows she has no interest in a relationship with Jack.