Tuesday, February 7th

Talking on his phone, Ravi’s scolded for knocking over Gloria’s new planter.

Back on the patio, Lily has to ask Cane if he can’t be happy working for Vikki. No, my ideas will get lost in the shuffle, he fears. She just wants to keep Billy by her side. The broker’s call interrupts.

Lauren’s surprised to find Mike at GC Buzz (to cheer you on, he lies) As all head off to makeup, Devon’s not surprised to hear that Hilary didn’t sign the papers. She’s up to something, but what? he wonders to Mike.

This needs to happen right away – Cane can’t wait a year to sell off his holdings. No, he can’t take out a loan. Ending the call, he updates Lily. She’s really sorry. It’s not over, Cane vows that Vikki’s in for a rude awakening.

Still at the office, Billy tells Vikki that he knows he screwed up the marriage. We had a lot of bad times – but a lot of really great times too, he smiles.

The interview underway, Lauren jumps in as soon as Jack smooths his tie. As she prattles on, he bites his lip and forces a smile.

Ashley’s not happy to find Gloria with her feet up on Jack’s desk watching the interview. She’s taking a more active role in the company. It’s obvious that no one gives a damn about my Father’s legacy. I don’t want you anywhere this company. Don’t get too comfortable, she warns.

Next: What are you doing? What are you looking for? Paul asks. Divorce papers, Sharon answers….. Reed’s on the phone – I know it’s late there but I need you help Dad …. Billy bends over Vikki – limbo …. having sex, he leans in to kiss her.