Wednesday, February 8th

After Victor sets up the chess board, Faith admits she’d rather go upstairs to read. Nikki joins Victor – it’s sad to see Faith so sad. Victor thinks what Dylan did is very admirable. Nikki appreciates that – maybe they can tell Faith the truth when she’s older. In the meantime, we’ll encourage her not to blame Sharon.

Paul drops by Sharon’s to see that she’s packed up Dylans’ things; things that belong to a man who doesn’t exist anymore. Yes, Dylan will live in Paul’s heart too – but no, we can’t send him things that link to his life in GC (and Sharon) So none of it ever happened? Sharon whines.

Over beers at the tackhouse, Chelsea and Nick look at photos of the boys. Noticing that Christian might have the same dimples as him, Nick zooms in. Quickly sending him to fetch chips, Chelsea ‘accidentally’ deletes the photo from Nick’s tablet. That’s OK – Nick’s got more – and here’s a folder of Connor photos (including one with Adam) As Nick rambles on about the boys growing up together, Chelsea grows quiet.

Both adding to the list of their many fun times together, Vikki jumps up before Billy can kiss her. Further discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Inmate 275384 (Reed)

Reed whines to Billy that Vikki’s taken everything away from him (TV, guitar, laptop) just to ruin his life. After Reed marches into the conference room to download his homework, Billy jokes that they pick up where they left off (which doesn’t go over well) Vikki doesn’t need another immature man in her life. In the conference room, Reed eyes the phone.

Sage and Adam wouldn’t want us to sit around and be depressed all day, Chelsea knows. Connor keeps giving her the ‘sad’ emoji pillow (meaning he knows she’s sad) Nick may have found a solution – maybe something we can do together.

Faith informs her grandparents that her Mom doesn’t want her to move back in right now. She loves living at the ranch but misses her Mom and Dad. Suddenly having ‘the best idea ever'(based on Victor’s saying that ‘family stands by family’) Faith runs upstairs.

Paul’s delivering the CL’s deed – Dylan signed it over to Sharon. As Sharon goes through the papers, Paul wonders what she’s looking for. Divorce papers, she replies.

There are no divorce papers, Paul informs. Wouldn’t it make the story more believable? Sharon suggests they tip off GC Buzz; tell everyone at the same time. I’m used to being the town pariah. No, Paul’s not worried Sharon will crack. He promises to be there for her if she ever needs to talk. OK – get rid of these (she hands him the box) Give it away – get his belongings out of my house NOW, she slams out. Paul’s left to mope over a fishing lure.

Victor’s not alarmed to find Abby looking very comfy behind his desk. The chair suits you, he smiles.

Vikki updates Billy that Reed stole her credit card – or rather, he used it without my permission – for membership to a porn site.

In the conference room, Reed sneaks over to the phone. I know it’s late there Dad but I really need your help.

Victor looks through the folder Abby’s been working on – very impressive but don’t mention the Jabot-Fenmores merger in your presentation. We make more in a week than Jack makes in a year. Abby thanks her Dad – she’s learning so much. The Pittsfield deal wasn’t easy but we made a huge profit. Weird, but Abby feels like Victor’s eager to teach her. Yes, well maybe he’s finally found the perfect student. Know what else is weird? Victor claims he’ll now admit when he’s wrong.