Wednesday, February 8th

Billy defends Reed to Vikki – he’s just curious. Once he gets a girlfriend he’ll stop looking online. Oh great – because he’ll be having sex, Vikki scowls. How can we protect our kids from repeating our mistakes? Vikki then gets a call from JT. He did what!? Billy immediately flies into the conference room to knock Reed’s shoes off the desk – you really screwed up this time.

Chelsea takes a photo of Nick in his apron and chef’s hat. Let’s see what we can whip up. As they go through a cookbook, Faith runs in to talk about something really important. As Chelsea goes upstairs to check on the boys, Faith tells her Dad that she’s really worried about Mom.

What’s Billy’s problem? Reed playing his parents against each other. I thought you’d be smarter than that. It’s embarrassing – a rookie move; crying to your Dad because you got grounded. Reed hopes JT can calm his Mom down a bit. Why can’t she leave me alone? Your Mom wants you to respect women (not ogle then online) Billy points out. This is gonna be had huh? Reed realizes that calling his Dad was a mistake. Yup, Billy predicts an eruption on on the scale of Mount St Helen’s. Reed!!! Vikki screeches on cue as she clip-clops over.

Victor’s been reevaluating things since Adam died. He’s taught his kids to fight for things but they’ve always had family to fall back on (so don’t need to be ruthless or fight dirty like he did) Victor’s willing to learn from his mistakes. Isn’t that a miracle, he quips to Abby.

Faith updates his Dad – Mom wants me to move back for the right reasons. Maybe YOU can fix everything. What can I do? Nick asks. Make Mom happy again, Faith pleads.

At CL’s, Sharon pulls Dylan’s mug out of a box and when Nikki comes along to ask if she’s OK, gives her the cold shoulder – why aren’t you having a parade that I’m not your daughter in law anymore? OK, Nikki will leave Sharon alone and just go order her coffee. No, Sharon now owns the place and can have Nikki thrown out is she wants to (as she holds up a sign about the right to refuse service)

On the patio, Sharon just wants people to stop asking how she’s doing. She doesn’t want Faith to move back in with her until she can really be present for her. Sharon appreciates Nikki and Victor supporting her and talking to Faith. She owes Paul an apology. Being around Dylan’s things is adding to her stress. My life with Dylan is over now.

Paul’s still going through Dylan’s stuff at Sharon’s – sitting to cry over a photo of them both in police uniform.

Vikki rants n raves about Reed telling JT that he’s basically being held hostage – but didn’t tell him why. Don’t try to play us against each other again. Your Father will be calling you tomorrow to lecture you for stealing my credit card to look at adult websites. No! You can’t say anything, Vikki snaps GO! Head down, Reed exits – leaving Vikki to eyeball Billy (who hasn’t made a peep)