Thursday, February 9th

Finding Chelsea in a wedding dress (to see how it flows) Nick cracks some jokes – then apologizes for Faith volunteering him to have dinner with Sharon. Should I start on a wedding dress for her? Chelsea quips.

On the CL’s patio, Lily wonders why Sharon wasn’t at her fitting. Sharon was busy pouring milk over Nikki (which she’s now cleaning off the floor) Lily’s surprised to hear that Sharon now owns CL’s – and that Dylan left.

Cane and Billy butt heads at Brash n Sassy (Cane wasting no time griping about Vikki)

Vikki drops by her Dad’s office to announce that she’s taking his advice to buy all of the company she founded. A company you lost because of me, Victor frowns.

After Nick unzips her dress, Chelsea steps behind a partition as they discuss Faith meddling. She loves Dylan – Chelsea thinks Sharon getting back with his brother would be too close for comfort. Are we still talking about Sharon? Or you and me? Nick has to ask.

Lily talks to Sharon about her and Cane fighting for their marriage. Will Sharon run the coffee house? Maybe, but it comes with the baggage of two ex-husbands. She feels her life’s out of control – but Sharon vows to make it work.

Unable to reach Vikki, Billy’s onboard with the photographer Cane wants to hire (then he can take all the credit – or all the blame if it goes wrong)

Vikki can’t place all the blame on her Dad – she turned her back on him. As for Jill, Victor warns Vikki to look at the contract carefully so she won’t be stuck with Billy and Cane. Vikki does plan to keep them on. As they hug, Abby arrives to hear that Vikki’s buying BnS. Bristling at Vikki’s business advice, Abby assumes Vikki will want to displace her at NE.

Cane introduces Jordan (the photographer) to Billy and then Lily (who remembers him) Cane looks a bit left out as she asks how he’s been.

Vikki and Victor reassure Abby that she’ll be running Brash n Sassy outside the confines of NE. Abby apologizes for her insecurity. You’re not in competition with anyone, Victor assures her. Vikki jokes that Dad will always keep them on their toes.

In her car, Sharon cries over photos of Dylan.