Wednesday, February 8th

Mom’s alone – you’re alone – have dinner together tonight, Faith chirps. Chelsea and I have dinner plans, Nick explains. You don’t mind rescheduling, do you? Faith asks Chelsea. You have Connor – Mom will probably eat a microwave dinner all by herself if Daddy doesn’t go over. When Chelsea agrees (she has work to do anyway), Faith is delighted – you’re the best! She then drags Chelsea upstairs to pack up Connor – so Dad can get ready to go over to Moms’.

You’ve been an amazing Father, Abby gushes. Victor loves his family more than anything. He hoped they’d all see the error of their ways. As he leaves, Abby assures her Dad that she’ll be an awesome parent one day – I’ve had the best role models in my life. Family always ~hug~ Victor never realized his youngest daughter would be the one to follow in his footsteps.

Vikki now lashes out at Billy (who thinks she handled Reed as she should have) You’re a strong, smart and wonderful Mother. Reed will realize that one day.

After Chelsea and Connor leave, Nick gives Faith a talking to – she must apologize to Chelsea for being rude. Back on the subject of Sharon, Nick makes it clear that they won’t be having dinner together. Sharon wants to be alone – we need to respect that.

On the patio, Nikki scolds Sharon – Faith will be devastated to come home and find all traces of Dylan have been removed. Is this sudden erratic behaviour an act, or are you teetering on the edge? Nikki wonders – either way, make sure the fire insurance is paid on this place. Nikki was trying to be civil with Sharon (who sure doesn’t make it easy) How’s this for easy? Sharon pours a pitcher of milk all over Nikki’s head. Now you have a reason to go back to hating me. Happy now?

Next: If you really want to help me, take me to Dylan, Sharon appeals to Victor … As Cane and Billy salivate over Lily sprawled out on a desk, Vikki arrives to ask what the hell’s going on … Nick – how about tonight? Chelsea doesn’t think that a good idea. Don’t you realize today’s Valentine’s Day?

My Thoughts: What does Abby have that Vikki doesn’t when it comes to business acumen? Victor always overlooked the loyal and hard-working Vikki in favour or Nick (even when he made it clear he wasn’t interested in being heir apparent) If she does have children, Abby will likely also be patted on the head and told to go home to the kitchen….. Values? Abby learned about values from her parents? They were the BEST role models!? What!? That’s as absurd as Mariah telling Sharon that she and Dylan were her example of what a good relationship is. Sweet baby Jesus. Abby does know that she was conceived with sperm Ashley STOLE right? And that had she reached over another 10 inches, Abby would have been Jack’s (that would certainly eliminate the whole ‘waaah. I’m stuck between the Abbotts and Newmans’) … Why would Chelsea delete a photo of Christian that Nick thinks he sees a dimple in? Wouldn’t that further solidify his belief that Christian’s his? What’s she going to do in 5 years when Christian and Connor look like brothers – who both look like their Father; Adam? …. Did Reed really ask his Dad to got to bat for him against his Mom while failing to tell JT what he was being punished for? Wouldn’t that be the first question JT would ask? He knows his son’s a pain in the ass … Riiiighht Billy – once Reed has a girlfriend he’ll never, ever look at adult sites online again. Because only single men look at that kinda thing. The button says ‘you must be 18 to enter’, not 18 AND single .. Sure Victor, maybe your kids didn’t NEED to be ruthless or fight dirty yet they still joined forces to sue you for half a billion, and testified to put you in prison. That wasn’t family standing for family – it was family TAKING the stand against family.