Thursday, February 9th

Victor respects Sharon taking the blame for Dylan leaving to keep him safe. He also realizes that deep down Sharon’s still the beautiful young lady Nick fell in love with. You were my champion; you had my back, Sharon remembers – then wonders if Victor can find Dylan and take her to him.

To a musical montage, Jordan snaps photos as Lily poses around the lab. Show off those legs. Billy chides Cane (who wants to keep it PG) What the hell’s going on? Vikki arrives to ask.

Great job as always, Jordan bids Lily goodbye. Vikki scolds the boys for not consulting with her. After Cane walks off, Vikki warns Billy to remember that she’s the boss. Billy leans in – to see if she’s getting a moustache. You sound exactly like ‘him’.

Victor won’t find Dylan – for Faith’s sake. Sharon wants to take Faith with her. Victor thinks Sharon belongs right here – with her.

Chelsea overreacted. No – it was too much, too soon, Nick apologizes for pushing her. Chelsea was having a rough morning – she wanted to see if she could wear a wedding dress without crying. I’m going to be OK – I have to live my life. If Nick’s still free, he should make a dinner reservation. To an actual restaurant? Nick jokes. Chelsea then all but chokes on the drink he’s mixed.

In the conference room, Jordan helps Lily out of her blouse (as an unamused Cane watches through the window)

Next: Please give me this chance to work for myself, Cane implores. Jill will give him til the end of the day … He’ll have a job here as long as he accepts that I’m the boss. I am going to own this company again, Vikki assures Billy …. I don’t trust you anymore brother. If you can’t get it together, I WILL take over Jabot, Ashley warns Jack.