Thursday, February 9th

Back at the design studio, Nick wonders if Chelsea would go out with him (even though he’s Adam’s brother) How about dinner tonight? Chelsea doesn’t think it a good idea – don’t you know what today is? Valentine’s Day, she reminds.

Nick should have realized – that’s why there’s heart everywhere. Chelsea doesn’t really want to see all the happy couples at a restaurant. We can do it another day, Nick agrees. Chelsea then gets a call from a bride she’s designing for. OK, we’ll talk another time, Nick takes the hint and leaves disappointed.

Vikki’s surprised Victor let Abby close the deal with Higgins. Abby boasts about how well it went then heads down to ‘legal’. That leaves Vikki to suggest that her Dad’s finally found the child who’s capable of carrying on his legacy. Victor advises Vikki to run BnS – take no prisoners.

How do you two know each other? Cane asks. Jordan photographed Lily when they were both at Jabot. He still has photos of her in his portfolio (which he immediately pulls up on his phone) Billy’s glad Cane found this guy – this is gonna be great. Cane forces a smile.

In tears (and still in her car) Sharon flashes back to everyone blasting her for lying about Sully/Christian.

Lily and Jordan chat about old times as he takes photos of her (which clearly makes Cane feel left out) Let’s sex it up a bit, Jordan asks if the guys are enjoying this as much as he is. Billy is – Cane, not so much.

At Underground, Nick’s working on a special drink for the big night. Vikki arrives in need of a stiff drink. Dad’s grooming Abby to take over the company, she informs. Why do you care? Nick wonders. You think Dad will one day hand you the keys? Vikki changes the subject and isn’t surprised to hear that Chelsea declined Nick’s first date – on Valentine’s Day.

At the ranch, Sharon’s told that Nikki’s taken Faith out to the salon – to undo the damage Sharon did earlier with her unacceptable behaviour. Victor doesn’t think Sharon up to seeing Faith right now (but surprises her by offering his help)

Vikki informs Nick that women never forget Valentine’s Day. Nick relays Faith making a big deal about him spending the evening with Sharon – but he and Chelsea are just friends; maybe not even that anymore. Turn around, Vikki says – then exits (leaving Chelsea and Nick alone)