Friday, February 10th

My apologies for the delay. Riley (my usual back up) and I are in sunny Florida until the 14th. In the meantime, I am incredibly grateful to Tina for helping out a fellow Canadian and her US readers. The delay is completely my fault (we had to get up at 4am to fly out and I fell asleep after dinner yesterday!) Thanks again to Tina!!

Victoria’s busy on the phone as it’s the launch day for Dare. . Vicky tells Billy she’s not happy that the decision to go with Jordan as the photographer and the sexy photo shoot without her knowledge. Cane’s going to have to get used to her being the boss. Billy points out that Cane simply wants to buy in, Vicky doubts he’ll have the cash. She asks when Jill will be back from her cruise (this afternoon) and she wants it all settled.

At the house, Jill wants to head into the office right away but Cane wants to express his disapproval of her selling Brass n Sassy (BnS) to Vicki, Billy and him. She’s shocked that Vicki is buying BnS herself and cutting him out. Jill needed the money to buy Fenmore stock. from Jack. And she thought Cane was on board was on with it. He tells her that Vicki decided to buy the company for herself and is cutting him and Billy out.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren checks her phone and sees the overwhelming online response to the merger of Fenmores and Jabot. Michael tells her the interview she did with Hilary was fabulous. She’s glad that Phyllis gave her some points on how to keep Jack from taking over the interview. She’s not as happy that she saw Gloria first thing that morning.

At Jabot, Gloria at her desk checking out the card on flower delivery. Jack comes out and she tells him the flowers are for Phyllis

Ravi’s hung paper hearts all of his office and is writing a Valentine card to”his new friend Ashley”. She walks in and tells him Valentine’s Day is her least favourite holiday of the year. He asks her way. She says it is one of the best day sales-wise for perfume, but it’s a fake holiday and she doesn’t believe in romance or love. So many failed marriages in her family, including Abby’s. It’s never been a good day for her personally.

Gloria teases Jack and asks him why he cares who sends his ex-wife flowers. He says he doesn’t and he is over Phyllis, walking away. Phyllis loves the flowers and opens the card. When Gloria asks who they’re from she says its none of her business.

Business is booming at BnS following the launch. Lily walks in and hears a client want her to Canada to do a personal appearance. She loves the idea (and us). Vicki asks why Cane was at any of the events and she says she doesn’t know where he is and he isn’t answering her texts.